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On this page: In this section, find articles, videos, and sample resumes to help you improve your resume. 

Guide to Effective Resumes and Cover Letters

Your resume is the document that opens the doors of opportunity in your professional life.

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When you resume works, you work and when it doesn't you don't.

Put quite simply: your resume is the most financially important document you will ever own.

Show me a stalled job hunt, and one of the major causes will invariably be a resume that is inappropriate for it's task.

Answer yes to any of these questions, and your resume almost certainly isn't getting you enough interviews. A well-written resume should help you:

Your resume is a tool to start conversations, not to preclude them. Specifically, the purpose of your resume is to get you into conversation with the people who can hire you.

Properly written, your resume demonstrates such a grasp of the job that it gets you the interview and sets the tone of that interview as a meeting between two professionals with a common interest.

Beyond this, a well-written resume works for you after job interviews as well. When the selection committee is making that final decision with nothing but the resumes of the final contenders before them, a professionally constructed resume works as your final spokesperson and cheerleader.