Shaping Your Online Presence for a Fortune 500 Employer

You CAN be in control of what employers learn about you! Unless, of course, you hand over the reins to Google!

If you are an “old-timer,” you will probably be resistant to the idea of integrating social networking into your job search campaign.

If you are a “youngling,” you are probably using social media but are not too sure how to leverage it in your job search.

Whoever you are, whatever your age, and whatever you do, know that strategically sculpting your digital image is an advantageous job search effort.

Fortune 500 employers and recruiters will search your name online (even if merely out of curiosity).

By developing a positive online presence, you will influence employers’ perception of who you are! Therefore, adopting a proactive approach and governing your online image will net you the desired vantage point during an interview.

Some Tips and Cautions:

1. Before you jump online, prepare off-line:

What is it you desire to convey or reinforce online? Gain clarity on this matter because if your job target is unfocused, your online branding will be confusing to employers.

Focus your online content because fortune 500 employers don’t just search for qualified job seekers who can fulfill any job. Fortune 500 employers are discerning and selective and desire to hire the best person for that particular role they need to fill.

Perform the following analysis before you “relocate” to the digital world:

  • Determine the job titles that most interest you.
  • Check for the keywords you consistently see throughout the job ads for the jobs you want.
  • Research the companies you desire to work for; the company culture and the kind of employees they desire. Then use this information to focus your online writing (content development).

2. Use effective online venues:

Begin with LinkedIn:

According to most current research, LinkedIn is leading the way in social networking mediums that recruiters and employers use to source candidates.

In my own experience as a job search expert, I have witnessed success in landing coveted job interviews through networking opportunities via LinkedIn. I have also interviewed recruiters who have reinforced LinkedIn as their “go-to” source of good job candidates.

3. Ensure effective online profiles:

Keep your resume “in synch” with your Profiles:

Keep your profiles fresh and “in synch” with your offline job search documents, like your resume. Employers often “verify” the information on a resume submitted for a job opportunity with what they see in public profiles, like LinkedIn and Google. They assume that few people will inlude falsehoods in their profiles since the people who know the truth about their experience will see the misrepresentation in the profile.

Fortune 500 employers are very aware that people often “exaggerate” what is included on a resume, so they check profiles to verify what is on the resume. Make sure your profiles and your resume agree on the facts, timing, accomplishments, etc.

Don’t simply repurpose your resume:

Select portions of your offline/printed resume to include in your profiles, and reword them in a more social manner for your online profiles, keeping your list of keywords in mind (see Step 1). This strategic step of not placing your resume entirely as is online will ensure the recruiter need to contact you to gain more information, creating a need for further contact and perhaps a real conversation.

Be sure to make contacting you easy by including your phone number and email address in your online profiles.

Bottom Line

After you have taken the above steps, you have begun to shape your online image so that Fortune 500 employers understand you are the right fit for their company. Read the Fortune 500 Gatekeeper Interview article to understand more about what Fortune 500 recruiters are seeking from you.

About the author…

Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, Job-Hunt’s Fortune 500 Job Search Expert, is owner of and principle writer for Rosa is also quadruple-certified writer, holding the Master Resume Writer certification (a certification held by only 26 other resume writers, world-wide), Certified Expert Resume Writer, Academy Certified Resume Writer, and Nationally Certified Resume Writer. You can follow Rosa on Twitter at @ResumeService and connect with her on LinkedIn and Facebook/CareerMarketing.

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