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In 2017, a successful job search is much more complicated than having a good resume! At, with the help of genuine experts, we help you to be smarter in your job search so you can:

Newest Articles:

  • New eBook: Smart Personal Branding with LinkedIn

    Smart Personal Branding with LinkedInWhether you are in a job search or managing your career, you'll want to grab your free copy of the latest version of Personal Branding Expert Meg Guiseppi's 15 Minute Guide to LinkedIn for Personal Branding. This ebook will help you to use LinkedIn more effectively and also to improve your understanding of personal branding. See Job-Hunt's Guide to Personal Branding for more from Meg.


  • How to Find Jobs by Targeting Employers

    Landing a Great Lawyer Job With Not-So-Great GradesToday, the fastest and most effective way to find a job is to focus on a list of target employers. In this article, learn how to discover and leverage the online resources available for you to decide what your best employer options are. This article is from Job-Hunt's Guide to Finding Jobs Online Today.


  • Win the Job Offer Even with a Bad Interviewer

    Manage Bad Interviewers to Win the Job OfferA bad interviewer can cost you a job offer unless you recognize the situation and implement strategies to take some control. In this article, Resumes and Job Interviewing Expert Martin Yate offers 5 strategies for making your qualifications clear, even with a poor interviewer, part of Job-Hunt's Guide to Successful Interviews.


  • Build Confidence to Network for Your Job Search

    Build Confidence to Network for Your Job SearchNetworking is an essential and unavoidable part of a successful job search today. If your confidence is low, it can be difficult building up the energy and desire to meet others. Gus Lawson, Job-Hunt's Expert in Building Confidence, provides a 4-step process to increase your confidence for networking. This in the newest article in Job-Hunt's Guide to Build Confidence for Job Search.


  • How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile's Findability

    How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile's FindabilityWith so many users vying for top jobs, the competition is fierce, and you’ll need to employ aggressive keyword strategies in order to be found (and considered as a candidate). Increase your Profile's visibility in search results using these 4 strategies described by LinkedIn Job Search Expert Laura Smith-Proulx. This article is the newest addition to Job-Hunt's Guide to LinkedIn for Job Search.


  • Be a STAR in Your Next Interview with Your S-T-A-R Answers

    Knock Their Socks Off in Interviews with Your STARsA primary goal in your job interviews is to show interviewers that you possess the skills, knowledge, and work ethic they need for the job. Using a range of examples, recruiter and Job Search Expert Ed Han shares the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) model to describe relevant accomplishments. This article is part of Job-Hunt's Guide to Successful Interviews.


  • The Secret to Success in Federal Interviews

    The Secret to Success in Federal Job InterviewsFederal job interviews are tough to land, so you want to be impressive. Government agencies need top performers, and they are scoring you against your competition in terms of performance. A federal interview will require your best efforts. Federal Job Search Expert Camille Carboneau Roberts provides a 6-step process for acing your federal job interview. This article is from Job-Hunt's Guide to Federal Government Job Search.


  • Smart Answers to 15 Common Interview Questions

    Smart Answers to 15 Common Interview QuestionsWho understands how to give smart answers to job interview questions better than a recruiter? Nobody! So, recruiter Jeff Lipschultz, Job-Hunt's Working with Recruiters Expert, offers his wisdom to help you give great answers to 15 of the most commonly asked job interview questions. This article is from Job-Hunt's Guide to Working with Recruiters.



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