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In 2019, a successful job search is much more complicated than having a good resume! Helping job seekers since 1994,'s genuine experts share solid advice to help you to have a shorter job search.

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  • What Is "Networking" and Why Is It So Important to Your Career?

    What Is Networking and Why Is It So Important to Your Career?Humans are social beings with a deep need to stay connected. The more widely connected you are, the more you will grow as a professional, attract career opportunities, and help other people as well.

    Networking is critical to your job search and your career. Job Search Networking Expert Beverly Jones defines effective networking and shares the major impact networking will have on your career from Job-Hunt's Guide to Job Search Networking.
  • How to Answer: What Is Your Greatest Achievement or Accomplishment? (Plus Sample Answers)

    How to Answer: Do You Have Any QuestionsThe real question the interviewers are asking -- What is the greatest achievement you have had that our company can leverage, too?

    Analyze the job description and research the company to determine which of your achievements are the best fit for this job using the process described by Job-Hunt's Editor Susan P. Joyce and Working with Recruiters Expert Jeff Lipschultz. in this article from Job-Hunt's Guide to Smart Answers to Interview Questions.
  • Forget an Objective Statement - Here’s How to Write a Powerful Resume Summary Instead

    How to Write a Powerful Resume SummaryIf you still have an objective statement floating at the top of your resume, highlight it and then tap “delete.” Truth be told, that objective statement was a waste of valuable resume real estate.

    A summary, on the other hand, addresses a company’s needs and how you can fulfill them, highlighting the skills you bring to the table. Although a summary will only run two to three lines, it’s important to pack it with a punch. Follow the 5 steps in this process by Resume Contributor Carson Kohler to succeed in this article from Job-Hunt's Guide to Effective Resumes and Cover Letters.
  • 5 Steps to Negotiate the Best Job Offer

    5 Steps to Negotiate the Best Job OfferAs if interviewing isn’t stressful enough, the more stressful part of the job search often comes next -- negotiating the offer. Don't assume you have few options and no "power."

    In a new job, you have much more than just the salary to negotiate. Enter into a discussion with your new partner, hopefully laying the groundwork for a good long-term relationship. Compensation Expert Stacey Hawley shares how to negotiate successfully in this article from Job-Hunt's Guide to Salary and Compensation.
  • Top Work From Home / Remote Jobs

    Top Work From Home Jobs As you might have noticed among your own friends and acquaintances, the number of people working from home has grown quite a lot in recent years. Even more interesting are the details about who, when, where, and what people are doing in the remote work space.

    Work From Home Expert Brie Weiler Reynolds shares the top fields, the top jobs, and the top employers in this article from Job-Hunt's Guide to Work From Home / Remote Jobs.
  • 6 Key Criteria for Choosing Your Next Job

    LinkedIn for Moms: Online Passport to Network Yourself into a New JobConsider: Every job you take is a step forward in your career. Or, a step back. Before jumping too quickly to a new job that might be a career setback, avoid making a career mistake by determining what you want to do and enjoy doing.

    Career Change Expert Virginia Franco offers 6 key criteria for you to help you avoid choosing the wrong job next that might derail your career. This article is from Job-Hunt's Guide to Career Change.

  • 5 Steps to Shorter Job Search with LinkedIn

    5 Steps to Shorter Job Search with LinkedInToday, recruiters often first try to find their ideal candidates and, then, to approach those individuals directly to be interviewed. Often that's without the job ever having been advertised at all.

    Social Media Expert Tony Restell shares how to measure your LinkedIn visibility and how to increase that visibility so that your next job will find you in this article from Job-Hunt's LinkedIn Job Search Guide.

  • Take Your Executive LinkedIn Profile from Basic to Best-in-Class

    Very Important Elements of Your Compensation Negotiation

    No matter if you’re an executive planning an active job search or simply want to educate others on your professional achievements, building up your LinkedIn Profile is a very good idea.

    LinkedIn Executive Job Search Expert Laura Smith-Proulx describes 5 steps to convert an average Profile to a best-in-class representation of who you are and how you get results, in this article from Job-Hunt's LinkedIn for Executives Guide.

  • After Your Interview, What Employers Talk About Behind Closed Doors

    After Your Interview, What Employers Talk About Behind Closed DoorsWhen your interviews are over, the people who spoke with you get together to discuss whether or not you are a good candidate for their opportunity.

    In this article, Job Interviews Expert Biron Clark, a recruiter, shares the 7 topics they discuss and how you can make the best impression to get that job offer, in this article from Job-Hunt's Guide to Successful Interviews.
  • A Top Recruiter's 9 Secrets for Phone Interview Success

    What to Expect in a Job Offer The first step in the hiring process for many employers is an interview over the phone. No dressing up. No commute. No big smiles and firm handshakes. Whew! But... Impress them over the phone? How?

    With the right approach, phone interviews can be an advantage to the person being interviewed. Working with Recruiters Expert Jeff Lipschultz offers 9 great phone interview success tips from Job-Hunt's Guide to Working with Recruiters.


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