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In 2017, a successful job search is much more complicated than having a good resume! At, with the help of genuine experts, we help you to be smarter in your job search so you can:

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  • Smart Answers to 15 Common Interview Questions

    Smart Answers to 15 Common Interview QuestionsWho understands how to give smart answers to job interview questions better than a recruiter? Nobody! So, recruiter Jeff Lipschultz, Job-Hunt's Working with Recruiters Expert, offers his wisdom to help you give great answers to 15 of the most commonly asked job interview questions. This article is from Job-Hunt's Guide to Working with Recruiters.


  • Leverage Facebook Status Updates for Your Job Search (5 Rules plus 8 Great Update Ideas)

    Leverage Facebook Status Updates for Your Job Search -- 5 Rules plus 8 Great Update IdeasFacebook may not be the first place you think to go for help with your job search. But it is the largest social network and using the right status updates could help you land your next job. Social Media Expert Hannah Morgan offers how to leverage Facebook updates for your job search, part of Job-Hunt's Guide to Using Facebook for Job Search.


  • Should You Turn Down a Job Interview?

    Should You Turn Down a Job Interview?On the face of it, there are lots of reasons to turn down a job interview. Going to a job interview for a job you’ll obviously never accept does not seem like good use of your time, but there are other considerations. Resumes and Job Interviewing Expert Martin Yate, offers some interesting ideas to consider before your reject an interview opportunity in this article from Job-Hunt's Guide to Successful Job Interviews.


  • Why Career Management Is Essential Today

    What Is Career Management, and Why Is It Important?Very few employers have a clear path to promotion and very few employees stay with one employer long enough to follow the path -- if one exists. So, taking control of your career management is smart today. Career Management Expert Randy Block, shares how to get started taking control of your career, part of Job-Hunt's Guide to Successful Career Management.


  • Facing and Overcoming Rejection in Your Job Search

    Facing and Overcoming Rejection in Your Job SearchIt's easy to think of rejection as losing or experiencing failure. Rejection, unfortunately, is usually common when you are in a job search. However, when you have been rejected, you have two options basic options -- being defeated by the rejections or moving on, confidently. Job Search Confidence Building Expert Recruiter Gus Lawson, offers a six-step process for moving on confidently, the best strategy for success, part of Job-Hunt's Guide to Build Confidence for Your Job Search.


  • Promote Your Personal Brand on #LinkedIn with Hashtags

    Use Hashtags on #LinkedIn to Promote Your Personal BrandLinkedIn has implemented hashtags to make searching through LinkedIn content more effective, showing you content from people outside of your usual network. Meg Guiseppi, Job-Hunt's Personal Branding Expert, provides insight into how to leverage those hashtags for increased visibility that promotes your personal brand. This in the newest article in Job-Hunt's Guide to Personal Branding.


  • Landing a Job with a Startup, Part 2: Demonstrate Your Fit

    Landing a Job with a Startup, Part 2: Demonstrate Your FitThe hiring process for startups is different than for other employers. Demonstrating your interest and your fit is essential. The right attitude and showing initiative may count more than having specific skills. Startup Jobs Expert Neil Patrick describes how to succeed. This article is part of Job-Hunt's Guide to Startup Jobs which also helps you evaluate a startup and understand the different "stages" of a startup.


  • Doing the Salary "Dance" in Job Interviews

    Doing the Salary Dance in Job InterviewsWinning job offers is a bit like dancing -- all you must do is learn the steps. For both sides, the salary negotiation is a very important, and somewhat hazardous, dance. Do your pre-interview research and learn the key strategies, and their impact, as described by Job Interviews Expert Martin Yate in this article from Job-Hunt's Guide to Successful Job Interviews.


  • Military: Choosing Your Civilian Career

    Military: Choosing Your Civilian CareerResearch shows that most successful transitions involve many small changes and testing of assumptions along the path to the next career move. By conducting this analysis first, your "action plan" will be more effective and your transition smoother. Veterans' Job Search Expert Patra Frame shares how to how to successfully move forward in your post-military career. This article is from Job-Hunt's Guide to Veterans' Job Search.



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