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In 2019, a successful job search is much more complicated than having a good resume! At, with the help of genuine experts, we help you to be smarter in your job search so you can:

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  • Ace Your Job Interview: 5 Ways to Build Rapport with the Interviewers

    4 Techniques to Build Rapport with the Interviewer to Ace Your Next Job InterviewGetting ready to head out for your interview? Read this article first! How do you distinguish yourself from the competition? Simple: people hire people they like. Job Interviewing Expert Don Goodman offers 5 ways to gain an advantage using these techniques to build rapport in your next interview in this article from Job-Hunt's Guide to Successful Interviews.
  • How to Use Your New Degree to Make a Career Change

    How to Use Your New Degree to Make a Career ChangeMany new/pending graduates struggle with the next step – how to position themselves, and their new degree, on a resume. While the components of a resume remain the same whether your degree is old or new, additional language must be included and the order should be slightly different. Career Change Expert Virginia Franco offers specific tips from Job-Hunt's Guide to Career Change.
  • 4 Ways to Avoid a Toxic Workplace for Your Next Job

    3 Strategies to Improve Your GPA (Even After Graduation) Ever been sorry that you accepted a job, feeling like the lady in this picture? That is a painful mistake, and recovery can take a long time. Advanced Job Search Expert Bob McIntosh offers some excellent tips for learning more about the employer's workplace values before you apply or accept a job there. Learn as much as possible about the environment to avoid making this mistake.
  • How Your LinkedIn Activities Impact Your Personal Brand

    How Your LinkedIn Activities Impact Your Personal BrandWhen you like, comment, and share in LinkedIn, these simple actions form a personal branding message visible to everyone. Employers, recruiters, peers, and hiring managers can now quickly see what interests you, who you’re connected to, what political movements you support, and the manner in which you express your personal opinion. LinkedIn Expert Laura Smith-Proulx offers sage advice for managing your visibility to support your personal brand. This article is from Job-Hunt's LinkedIn Job Search Guide.
  • Essential Tools for Today's Advanced Job Search

    Essential Tools for Today's Advanced Job SearchIf you consider how technology and automation have changed our everyday lives dramatically in the last few years (email on phones, self-driving cars), significant changes in recruiting and job search are not surprising. It's time to get with the program. You can do it. Advanced Job Search Expert Bob McIntosh shares the 7 tools essential for success with today's every-changing and evolving job search process.
  • How 3 Job Seekers Made Successful Career Pivots

    How 3 Job Seekers Made Successful Career Pivots

    Job-Hunt's Career Change Contributor, Virginia Franco, interviewed 3 successful career changers to discover how they managing to pivot from their old careers to their new careers. Each of these 3 job seekers wanted to make significant changes to their careers: from corporate America to trainer, from entrepreneur to corporate America, and from new MBA grad to travel industry marketing. With clearly different backgrounds and goals, they all succeeded in making their career changes. This article is from Job-Hunt's Guide to Career Change.

  • Smart Strategies to Answer to Behavioral Interview Questions

    Answer When Can You StartTop recruiter/head hunter Jeff Lipschultz explains how to succeed when answering behavioral interview questions, the challenging questions that typically start with the interviewer asking "Tell us about a time when you..." Jeff helps you understand why these questions are asked and how to provide smart answers, with sample answers as examples. This article is from Job-Hunt's Guide to Successful Interviews.
  • LinkedIn Basics for Successful Job Search (and Career)

    12 Keys to One-Way Video Interview SuccessFor most professions, LinkedIn is unavoidable for successful careers (and job search) today. But, it is not a set-it-and-forget-it magic carpet ride. Regardless of your job search or career goals, these 5 elements of an effective LinkedIn presence are essential to your success on LinkedIn. Job-Hunt's editor Susan P. Joyce describes how to leverage those 5 elements in this article, part of Job-Hunt's LinkedIn Job Search Guide.
  • How to Manage Your References to Close - NOT Kill - Job Opportunities

    How to Manage Your References to Close - NOT Kill - Job OpportunitieWhen you get to the stage in the interviewing process where the hiring company asks for references, all that stands between you and a job offer may be a couple of good references. Unfortunately, many job offers are killed at this stage of the hiring process. Working with Recruiters Expert, recruiter Jeff Lipschultz, offers a process avoiding catastrophe in this article from Job-Hunt's Guide to Working With Recruiters.
  • Secret Networking Powerhouse: Employer "Alumni"

    Secret Networking Powerhouse: Employer Alumni"Alumni" aren't only former students. They are also former employees of companies, the military, government, education, and nonprofit organizations. People who share a former employer can be great connections for finding that next job, better connections than a school. Susan P. Joyce, Job-Hunt's editor, shows you how to find and benefit from your corporate alumni network in this article from Job-Hunt's Guide to Job Search Networking.


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