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In 2020, a successful job search is much more complicated than having a good resume! Helping job seekers since 1993,'s genuine experts share solid advice to help you to have a shorter job search.

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  • 'Tis the Season for Career Change

    'Tis the Season for Career ChangeBecause of the rush to fill jobs before the end of the year (and the disappearance of unused budget funds), December presents an ideal time to lay the groundwork, actively pursue, or implement the career change you've wanted.

    In this article from Job-Hunt's Guide to Career Change, Career Change Expert Virginia Franco lays out the 3 reasons the holidays are a great time to land a new job and offers 3 ways to put your best foot forward.

  • Winning the Interview with a Younger Hiring Manager

    Winning the Interview with a Younger Hiring Manager

    Being interviewed by a younger hiring manager can be uncomfortable for older job seekers. But, if you are prepared, interviewing with a younger hiring manager can be very positive and result in a job offer.

    Job-Hunt's Interviews Expert Biron Clark, a former recruiter, shares 7 tactics to use in the interview to feel confident and comfortable even when the hiring manager is much younger than you are. This article is from Job-Hunt's Guide to Successful Job Interviews.

  • Should You Accept a Promotion Without a Raise?

    Should You Accept a Promotion Without a Raise?Sometimes a promotion is offered, but an increase in salarly for the greater responsibility is not included. Should you accept or reject or move on? Not an easy decision.

    Salary and Compensation Expert Stacey Hawley offers possible reasons a raise is not offered, your options, and things to consider when making your decision in this article from Job-Hunt's Guide to Salary and Compensation.
  • The 4 Essential Skills for Networking Success


    Since employers prefer to hire people with whom they share some kind of connection, leveraging your network for your job search is smart (and, very likely, necessary).

    While online tools like LinkedIn are very helpful, create real connections by engaging with people face-to-face. Job Search Networking Expert Beverly Jones shares how to leverage 4 essential face-to-face networking skills to be successful in this article from Job-Hunt's Guide to Job Search Networking.

  • Smart Military Transition Strategies

    How to Write a Powerful Resume SummaryLeaving the military, whether you have a few years of service or many, is a big undertaking. As with any major "battle," doing your research and developing an action plan, preferably well in advance, can ensure a smarter and more successful transition.

    In this article, Veterans Job Search Expert Patra Frame (a USAF vet and HR consultant) shares the 5 steps to a successful military-to-civilian career transition. This article is part of Job-Hunt's Guide to Veterans' Job Search.
  • Guide to Work From Home Jobs in 2019

    Guide to Work From Home Jobs in 2019

    Working from home is a goal for an increasing number of people. Technology is changing the economy and how we earn our incomes. Both employers and employees can benefit from this popular option.

    Learn about your options, as an employee working "remotely" or as an independent worker running your own business in this Guide with articles by Working from Home Experts Nancy Collamer and Mark Anthony Dyson.
  • Launch (or Re-Launch) LinkedIn for Your Executive Job Search

    Get Started or Re-Started on LinkedIn for Your Executive Job SearchBecause LinkedIn has exceeded 645 million members and a record number of recruiters are using it to find talent, most executives are ramping up their LinkedIn efforts.

    LinkedIn for Executives Expert Laura Smith-Proulx shares 5 steps to effective LinkedIn visibility. It’s never too late to update your Profile and start gaining attention on LinkedIn, even if you are only beginning to think about leaving your present position. For more, check out Guide to LinkedIn for Executives.
  • Successful Cover Letters for Career Change

    Successful Cover Letters for Career ChangeWhen powerfully-written, a cover letter can serve as the tipping point that encourages a decision-maker to take a risk and interview someone who is making a career change.

    In this article, Career Change Expert Virginia Franco shares the 5 steps you can take in your cover letter to show the hiring manager that you are someone who could do the job well, even though the job represents a career change for you. This article is part of Job-Hunt's Guide to Career Change
  • How to Keep Your Skills Sharp While Working From Home

    Keeping Your Skills Sharp While Working From HomeMany work-at-home (WAH) professionals feel challenged to keep up with trends and to learn the new skills necessary to stay employed and well-paid.

    Like your work, you can also do this important learning at home. Work From Home Expert Mark Anthony Dyson offers 12 ways to stay up-to-date in this article from Job-Hunt's Guide to Work From Home / Remote Jobs.
  • 20 Smart Questions to Ask When Scheduling Your Interviews

    20 Smart Questions to Ask When Scheduling Your InterviewsWhen the employer calls to schedule a job interview, take advantage of this great opportunity to collect information about both the job and the interview by asking these 20 questions.

    These questions include asking how long the job has been open, why it is open, and the salary grade. For 17 more questions, read this article by Job-Hunt's editor Susan P. Joyce, and know as much as you can before your next interview from Job-Hunt's Guide to Successful Interviews.

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