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On this page: Articles to help you work better with recruiters, an important part of a successful job search.

Guide to Working with Recruiters

Job seekers need to understand two important things about recruiters.

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1.  Recruiters, no matter how friendly, do not work for the job seeker.

They work for the employer who pays them. Many will go out of their way to help you, if they can, but do not expect them to do your job hunting for you.

2.  There are many different kinds of recruiters, but they all fall into one of two major categories:

External recruiters may specialize in a location, a profession, an industry, a job level (like top executives), a search technology/method, or a combination.  Some firms focus on helping employers find employees for temporary assignments, often called "temping agencies" or "contracting agencies" which may specialize in a location, profession, etc. 

Jeff Lipschultz, Job-Hunt's Working with Recruiters Expert, is an external recruiter, a partner in the firm, A-List Solutions, and an avid biker.  Jeff will help you understand how to work with recruiters, mostly from the external recruiter's perspective, but with a great understanding of both job seekers and hiring managers in many different industries and professions.

To understand more about recruiters plus "sourcers" (a new kind of recruiter), read Understanding Recruiters.