Diane Hudson is a military transition job-search strategist and career coach. She designs and composes military conversion resumes and helps position service members for employment in corporate or Federal America.

Diane tells all of her military clients, from all branches and ranks: “Bank your retirement check and live on your new salary.”™

With a global perspective, having lived overseas for 12 years (plus a stint outside of Washington DC for 5 years), Diane understands the military life, work, and culture and delivers savvy solutions and powerful (appropriately translated) career management tools for career change, career search, and career development, empowering military clients, building confidence through the military transition, and ensuring job search-proofing. 

As a multi-credentialed leader in the careers industry, Diane provides expert interviews on résumé writing and job search topics for major newspapers and periodicals; speaks at careers industry conferences (including Sergeant’s Time and Corporate Gray Job Fairs); is published in over 30 books and periodicals; writes articles for national and industry journals and periodicals; and is a 2-time award winning résumé writer.

Diane is the author of Start a Civilian Career, How to Make a Successful Transition from the Military (National Business Employment Weekly /A Wall Street Journal Publication) Moving From the Military Into a Civilian Job; is the chapter author for the 3rd and 4th Editions of the Federal Resume Guidebook (Military to Federal Resume Conversions); and owns Career Marketing Techniques (www.polishedresumes.com).

Diane holds eight industry credentials including Certified Leadership & Talent Management Coach and Federal Job Search Trainer & Counselor.

If you have any questions or issues you’d like covered, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

Mining for Veterans’ Accomplishments

Find the things you’ve accomplished to add to your resume and prepare for interviews.

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Job Search Tips for Veterans’ Spouses

Diane Hudson Burns, Job-Hunt’s Veterans Job Search Expert, offers job search tips for the spouces of veterans.

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Defining Leadership and Management Styles

Diane Hudson Burns, Veterans’ Job Search Expert, offers analysis of different leadership and management styles.

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Veterans Dressing for Civilian Job Interviews

Tips on dressing for interview success for veterans transitioning to the civilian world.

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Veterans’ Benefits in Transition and Job Search

Veterans have benefits, including some new ones, that help the transition to civilian life and the job search process.

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Veteran-Friendly and Military-Friendly Employers

Resources and tactics for finding veteran-friendly and military-friendly civilian employers.

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Translating Military Experience to Civilian Jobs

How veterans can translate their military experinece into terms and skills for the civilian marketplace.

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Starting Your Federal Job Search

Job-Hunt’s Job Search for Veterans Expert Diane Hudson Burns describes the process for getting started with your federal job search using USAJOBS.gov.

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Reversing the Top 5 Veterans’ Job Search Mistakes

Diane Hudson Burns identifies the top 5 mistakes veterans make in their job search and offers methods for reversing them.

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Job Search/Job Interview Necessity: Veterans’ 60 Second Personal Infomercial

Create your own 60 second infomercial to answer the dreaded tell-me-about-yourself question.

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Navigating Job and Career Fairs Successfully

Job Search for Veterans Expert Diane Hudson Burns offers strategies and tactics for succesfully leveraging the opportunities at job and career fairs.

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5 Tips for Military in Transition to Ace Their Interviews

5 Tips on acing the military transition interview for veterans transitioning to the civilian world.

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Understanding How Military and Civilian Cultures Differ

Helping veterans understand how military and civilian workplace cultures differ.

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Military to Federal Transition

Veterans’ Job Search Expert Diane Hudson Burns helps veterans fit their experience with US Federal Government jobs systems.

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Military Networking Letter for Transitioning & Veterans

Diane Hudson Burns, Job-Hunts Job Search for Veterans Expert, shows how an I’m-getting-out letter sent to family, friends, and colleagues can have a big payoff.

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The Value of Your Military Experience

The value of veterans’ military experience to the civilian world.

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Advice for Military Career Transitioning

Plan for moving from a military career to a civilian career.

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Job Search Tools for Veterans

Arm yourself with appropriate job search tools to transition from military to civilian career..

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Job Search as Personal Sales

Job-Hunt Veterans’ Job Search Contributor Diane Hudson helps with the mindset and methods for leveraging personal sales for success in today’s job market.

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Job Application vs. The Resume

Diane Hudson Burns offers strategies for responding appropriately when an employer request applicants complete a job application in stead of, or in addition to, submitting a resume.

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