How to Use Your Resume to Paint the Picture of Your Future

The secret to getting a new and exciting job is to build your resume around your future, not your past.

So, before you even start writing your resume, you need to plan what kind of work you want to do next.

Then, create a resume that’s about your future by using the following technique:

Imagine that you are an artist with an empty canvas (a piece of paper or your computer screen) in front of you. Your assignment is to paint a picture of yourself at your next job.

And, what do you have to paint with? You have four tools:

  1. Your experience (such as previous jobs, volunteer work, or school projects);
  2. Your skill areas (such as management, computer, or sales);
  3. Your concerns (such as the environment, homelessness, or human rights); and
  4. Your personality (such as dependability, sense of humor, or ability to communicate).

In other words, combine any of these four areas to paint the picture of your future job.

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