With many years of experience in Human Resources and recruiting, Debra Wheatman founded Careers Done Write in 2005 to provide professional career coaching and resume writing services.

Debra, who possesses both Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) designations, received her Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Journalism from Adelphi University.

Debra is a featured blogger on numerous sites including Glassdoor and Résumé Resource, where she covers multiple career topics. She posts regularly on her own site at careersdonewrite.com/blog, and she has been featured on Fox Business News, WNYW with Brian Lehrer, and quoted in leading online, print, and trade publications, including Forbes.com, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and CNBC.

Debra and her team at Careers Done Write provide comprehensive career services to senior level candidates in a variety of sectors including financial services, legal, information technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, law enforcement, academia, and manufacturing. Below are the many ways you may reach Debra or follow her to obtain more information:

Email: [email protected]
Website: CareersDoneWrite.com
Blog: CareersDoneWrite.com/blog
Twitter: @DebraWheatman
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/careersdonewrite
Facebook: Facebook.com/CareersDoneWrite
Phone: 732.444.2854

Returning to Work After Retirement

Debra Wheatman describes the factors retirees should consider before returning to work after they have retired.

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Laying the Foundation of a Successful Job Search

Debra Wheatman describes out the 4 parts that establish the foundation for a successful job search.

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Guide to Building a Successful Career

Your career is more than your current job – much more. Here’s how to build a great career.

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Being Physically Fit Can Build Your Career

Debra Wheatman describes how to improve your performance by being physically fit.

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Safely Looking for a Job While Employed

Searching for a job while you are employed can be hazardous to your income stream. Your boss will not be happy to discover you want to leave.

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Improve Your Job Performance (and Career) Through Feedback

Debra Wheatman describes how to improve your job performance by requesting (and noticing) feedback at work.

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Let’s Have Lunch!

How to set up, conduct, close, and follow-up a successful business networking lunch.

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Building Your Career with Help From Mentors!

Your career and, often, your job search will be more successful with the help of a mentor. Here’s where and how to connect with mentors.

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5 Ways that Negativity Can Harm Your Career

Being negative in your work and in your search for a new job can seriously harm your career in these 5 ways.

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Managing Rejection for Career Success

5 steps to avoid letting a bump in your professional journey derail your career.

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Stop Making the 3 Biggest Job Search Mistakes

Debra Wheatman describes 3 major job search mistakes. Don’t be surprised if you are making one or more of them. Now, you can stop!

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Build Your Career Through Professional Development

One of the best investments you can make for your time and money is an investment in your career.

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Build Your Career Through Public Speaking

How to build your career and enhance your reputation through public speaking.

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To Succeed Today, Execute a Targeted Job Search

Debra Wheatman describes a 4-step process for executing a targeted job search — the kind of job search that will result in landing a good job most quickly.

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Career Building Through Volunteering!

How to enhance your skills, gain useful experience, and grow your network through volunteering.

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How to Find Unadvertised Jobs

Debra Wheatman, Job-Hunt’s Company Research Expert, helps you research to find unadvertised jobs.

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Debra Wheatman: Expert in Building Your Career

Debra Wheatman, Job-Hunt’s Expert in Building Your Career, has many years of experience helping people with their careers and job search.

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