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Sample Resume: College Student in Business Administration

By Susan Ireland

Loretta Perkins (not her real name) is a community college student who is on course to graduate with an Associate's degree in Business Administration in May 2016.

To help pay her college tuition she has a part-time sales job at a furniture store. Sadly, her employer is going out of business next month so Loretta is looking for a new job in sales.

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About this sample resume:

Loretta created a resume that made the most of her experience, both on the job and off the job, to highlight and to emphasize her qualifications for the sales job she wants.

  • Placed Education High Up

Loretta wanted to highlight that she's currently in school and about to achieve her degree in business. This implies that she's probably a young woman full of energy and ambition. And because her degree is in Business Administration, the employer will see that she could have potential to move into management if they like her performance on the sales floor.

By putting "Concurrent with Education" at the top of her Education section, Loretta is telling the employer that she is a hard worker - excelling at a professional job while carrying a full course load at college.

  • Used Professional Achievements Heading

There were many titles this job seeker could have chosen for this section: Experience, Work History, History, Accomplishments, or Achievements.

Loretta chose Professional Achievements because she wanted to be perceived as a professional rather than an entry-level college student. And because she is seeking a sales job, she included the word "Achievements" in the title because that's exactly what sales is all about.

  • Incorported Volunteer Fundraising

Loretta incorporated her volunteer work into the Professional Experience section rather than placing it under a new section such as Community Service. She did this because her volunteer work in fundraising is so relevant to her job objective in sales. Her volunteer work also rounds out her sales qualifications by adding cold calling, writing, and Internet marketing to her in-person sales experience at her paid position.

Her volunteer fundraising also indicates that sales is in Loretta's blood. Why else would she do it for free when she already has such a busy schedule?

  • Quantified Achievements with Lots of Numbers

As with any good sales resume, this one has lots of quantified achievements. By using numerals (for example, "60" instead of "sixty"), Loretta draws visual attention to her achievements. And she gave her achievement statements even more graphic appeal by using the % symbol instead of spelling out "per cent."

  • Used Sub-bullet Points for Emphasis and Organizaiton

Notice the use of sub-bullet point statements. This technique helps organize information, avoid long paragraphs, and highlight each sub-point. The eye goes to these excellent points, simply because they are indented and use the dash symbol in contrast to the bullet points of the other statements.

  • Included Relevant Personal Pursuits

Personal pursuits are not always appropriate on a professional resume. However, in Loretta's case, they are highly relevant for three reasons:

  1. Her team sports demonstrate that she's a team player. Notice, she made that clear by incorporating the word "team" into her list of sports.
  2. Her individual endurance sports show that she's goal-driven and has focus and discipline to reach those goals on her own. Notice she uses the word "challenge" in her intro to those activities.
  3. This whole section suggests that she's energetic -- something every employer wants from his salesperson.

With this excellent resume, I don't think it will take long for Loretta to land her new sales job!

About the author...

Susan Ireland is the author of four job search books including The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Resume. For more information about writing your resume, read Susan's books or visit Susan's website

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