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Job Interviews Contributor: Laura DeCarlo

Laura DeCarlo

Interviewing Expert Laura DeCarlo is the author of two books on interviewing - Interview Pocket RX and Interviewing: The Gold Standard. She is also the creator of the CEIC, the career industry’s state-of-the-art interview and negotiation coaching program, which is used by coaches, counselors, and university career centers in 6+ countries.

Laura DeCarlo has developed the reputation as the "career hero" for the efforts she has pioneered in the career services industry for both job seekers and career professionals as the founder of the professional association, Career Directors International.

An industry leader, she has earned two degrees and 11 industry certifications and designations such as Master Career Director and Certified Expert Resume Writer. Further, she has received the industry’s most prestigious awards which include the Master Career Professional Lifetime Achievement Award and Master Resume Writer Lifetime Achievement Award as well as 7 additional awards in job placement and resume writing.

She is also the co-author of Job Search Bloopers and has been featured in over 15 resume and cover letter compendiums. Currently, she is the national/international resume expert for 54 professional associations such as PMI, AMA, AJST, ASAE, ASME, AVMA, and ASCE. Throughout her career she has spearheaded the development of numerous training programs and presentations for job seekers and career professionals, which have been presented at conferences, corporations, online, and to the federal government.

Laura DeCarlo is a former 2-year employment guest columnist for The Florida Today newspaper. She is the current principal of A Competitive Edge Career Service, a turnkey career services firm. She is in the process of writing her newest book on career management. Publicity has included quotes in publications such as Forbes (IMPRESS), Working Mother, and the Wall Street Journal; she also appeared on NBC 7/39 News in San Diego and was interviewed on Wall Street Journal Radio.


Articles by Laura DeCarlo

Successful Job Interview Preparation:

  • Interviewing: The Game You Can't Lose
    It's OK, we're alone, so raise your hand if the idea of interviewing is intimidating or frightening. Guess what? It's natural to feel intimidated about the unknown. That's how most people feel!
  • Leverage LinkedIn for Your Job Interview
    LinkedIn and the other social networks are increasingly popular and also increasingly useful in your job search. Social networking sites like have two terrific applications for the interview...
  • Interview Investigation: Get to Know the Interviewer in Advance
    The most successful job seekers approach the process of interviewing like an entrepreneur. To do that, they realize they are a product that is for sale and that they must sell themselves. In your interview, demonstrate to the employer how you can meet the goals and needs of their organization. To do this, you have to know about the company before you go to the interview.
  • Beat Pre-Interview Stress
    You have picked the right outfit, practiced your answers, and readied yourself to negotiate. Before you take the leap and go to the interview, practice a few strategies to reduce stress and ready yourself for a power play!
  • Win the Interview: A Career Portfolio Defends Your Career
    Smart job seekers know that they have to prepare for the interview to know how to sell themselves, handle challenging questions, and overcome concerns in their histories or experience levels. However, only about 3-5% of active job seekers have catapulted their way to the top by the savvy strategy of creating and leveraging a career portfolio.

Job Interview Follow Up:

  • Sending Your Thank You After the Job Interview
    No "downside" really exists for sending a thank you note after a job interview, although most job candidates don't bother to do it. Sending a thank you -- if done reasonably well -- will definitely not hurt your chances at a job.
  • How to Follow-Up After the Interview
    When the interview ends, there is still more to do in order to clinch the deal. You don't have a job offer, yet! So, let's walk through the process of how you can end your interview and follow-up to make the most positive impression.

Answering Specific Job Interview Questions:

Succeeding at Different Kinds of Job Interviews:

  • How to Succeed in Your Phone Interviews (a.k.a. Phone Screens)
    The goal of a phone interview is an invitation to come to the employer's location for an in-person interview. Phone interviews are typically called "phone screens" by the employer because they are screening candidates to select a few for in-person interviews. Candidates who don't pass this screen are eliminated from consideration.
  • 12 Keys to One-Way Video Interview Success
    For decades, we have embraced the face-to-face interview, typically in person and sometimes by phone. Now, with the internet and smart phones having built in cameras and microphones, we have new options available, and employers are testing them. One-way video interviews are an increasing method of doing the first round of interviews, although phone screen interviews are still also widely used.
  • How to Handle Lunch Interviews
    Sure, it doesn't happen all that often, but when an invitation to a job interview over food or drinks happens, you need to be prepared.
  • How to Handle Two-Way Video and Video Conferencing Interviews
    Be prepared - you could encounter the job interview situation known as a a Video Interview or Video Conferencing Interview. What is a Video or Video Conferencing Interview?
  • How to Handle Audition / Group Interviews
    The concept of group interviews -- or "cattle calls" as I like to call them -- is not new and seems to be used frequently by airlines, chiropractic practices, and of course, reality TV show casting.
  • How to Ace a Speed Interview
    First, there was speed dating, and now there is speed interviewing. This may be the first interview the candidate has for a job with an employer, and typically, it takes place at that employer's location. When the interview is scheduled, ask for details about the interview, like the names and job titles of the people who will be interviewing you. This should help you in your preparation.

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