Federal Government Job Search for People with Disabilities

Are you a disabled job seeker considering employment with the US Federal Government? Individuals with mental and physical disabilities can be hired under “Schedule A” hiring authority.

Proving Your Disability

To qualify under Schedule A, you must provide

  1. Documentation of your mental or physical disability. This must come from a licensed medical professional, state agency, private vocational rehabilitation specialist, or government agency that disburses disability benefits.
  2. A statement that you are qualified to perform the position to which you are applying. This may be from the same entity providing your proof of disability, and may be combined in the same document with proof of disability. If you fail to provide this statement, it is possible to be hired on a temporary appointment, and your readiness would be determined on the job.

Getting Help with the Process

Most Federal agencies have a special program coordinator to assist you. They can help you learn about current job opportunities, types of available positions, and steps in the process. Visit the US Office of Personnel Management’s Selective Placement Program Coordinator Directory to find a coordinator near you.

Arranging Special Accommodations

Do not be deterred if you need special accommodation to carry out the job for which you are applying. The Federal government makes reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. Common accommodations include interpreters, readers, flexible work schedules, restructured work sites, personal assistance, and adaptive equipment. You may request reasonable accommodation orally or in writing.

Special Programs for Veterans

Disabled veterans with disability ratings of 30% or higher also can be hired under special hiring programs. If you are a disabled veteran, you can learn more by visiting the Veterans’ Preference Advisor.

Bottom Line on Government Jobs for the Disabled

If you are an individual with a mental or physical disability, the special hiring programs the Federal government offers may help you land your dream job!

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