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100 Employers with Over One Million Open Jobs

ByΒ Susan P. Joyce

JOBS from the top 100 companisReport # 16: This job counts for each employer were found on September 21, 2020.

Find links to each employer's website and their job postings below.

The jobs available range from Vice President to trainee and intern.

Each employer on this list has a minimum of 3,500 jobs open, with an average of over 11,000 jobs!

This list is not built from employer press releases. We search the internet to find the employers with the most jobs open.

100 Employers with 1,130,000 Jobs Open

The bolded employer names are new additions to this list this week:

🌞 = New addition
πŸ”Ό = More jobs than the last report
πŸ”ΌπŸ”Ό =MANY NEW JOBS added since the previous report

# Employer Sector Jobs   Trend  
1US Army *Government 99,562 
2McDonald'sHospitality 59,945   πŸ”Ό
3 AmazonRetailing 51,264    πŸ”ΌπŸ”Ό
4 Pizza HutHospitality 38,110   πŸ”ΌπŸ”Ό
5AutoZoneRetailing 37,948
7CVS HealthHealth Care33,882 
8System TransportTransportation31,871   πŸ”ΌπŸ”Ό
9Taco BellHospitality26,976 
11Home DepotRetailing22,670    πŸ”Ό
12Burger KingHospitality20,920   πŸ”ΌπŸ”Ό
14Speedway LLCRetailing19,710
15Lowe'sRetailing 19,417 
16 StarbucksHospitality 19,030   πŸ”ΌπŸ”Ό
17WalgreensFood & Drug Stores 17,278   πŸ”ΌπŸ”Ό
18Advance Auto PartsRetailing16,005   πŸ”ΌπŸ”Ό
197-ElevenFood & Drug Stores 14,461 
20KFCHospitality 13,392     
21 HCA Healthcare Health Care 13,196    πŸŒž
22 Intuit Software 13,086    πŸŒž
23 State Farm Financials 12,593    πŸŒž
24Panera BreadHospitality 12,178     
25Arby'sHospitality 12,113    πŸ”Ό
26Medix GroupBusiness Services11,501   πŸ”ΌπŸ”Ό
27Dollar TreeRetailing 10,726
28 Madison Allied Business Services 10,476   πŸ”ΌπŸ”Ό
29Applebee'sHospitality 10,112     
30 O'Reilly AutomotiveRetailing 10,141 
31Casey's General StoresRetailing10,075     
32SafewayFood & Drug Stores 10,069 
33Army National Guard *Government9,383    πŸ”Ό
34 Dunkin' DonutsHospitality 9,332
35 TargetRetailing 8,868    πŸ”Ό
36Wendy'sHospitality 8,606   πŸ”ΌπŸ”Ό
37Sam's ClubRetailing 8,578  
38GoodwillNon-Profit8,367    πŸ”Ό
39Jiffy LubeRetailing 8,364    πŸ”Ό
40American MobileHealth Care 8,346    πŸŒž
41Papa John'sHospitality8,189 
42Healthcare Services GroupHealth Care8,097    πŸ”Ό
43Buffalo Wild WingsHospitality7,936    πŸ”Ό
44Foot LockerRetailing 7,835   πŸ”ΌπŸ”Ό
45WyzantEducation 7,578   πŸ”ΌπŸ”Ό
46 Maxim Healthcare Services Health Care 7,416    πŸ”Ό
47 Food Lion Food & Drug Stores 7,398    πŸŒž
48 Olive Garden Hospitality 7,339    πŸŒž
49Chili'sHospitality7,303    πŸŒž
51Outback SteakhouseHospitality 6,897    πŸ”Ό
52Burlington StoresRetailing 6,625    πŸŒž
53Planet FitnessHospitality 6,543    πŸ”Ό
54Compass GroupHospitality 6,044    πŸ”Ό
55 Michaels Stores Retailing 6,028   πŸ”ΌπŸ”Ό
56 TJXRetailing 5,849    πŸ”Ό
57 Pilot Flying JRetailing 5,830      
58 YMCAHospitality 5,804    πŸ”Ό
59 Massage EnvyHospitality 5,558 
60IHOPHospitality 5,436  πŸ”ΌπŸ”Ό
61 PostmatesTransportation 5,415    πŸŒž
62 H&R BlockFinancials 5,402    πŸ”Ό
63 JPMorgan ChaseFinancials 5,347    πŸŒž
64 Encompass HealthHealth Care 5,336    πŸ”Ό
65 Ross StoresRetailing 5,207    πŸ”Ό
66 Chick-fil-AHospitality 5,207    πŸ”Ό
67 Spirit Halloween Entertainment 5,124    πŸŒž
68 Banfield Pet HospitalHealth Care 5,115     
69 CROSSMARKBusiness Services 5,115
70KrogerFood & Drug Stores 5,112 
71 United Parcel Service Transportation 5,081    πŸŒž
72 SecuritasBusiness Services 5,078     
73Advantage SolutionsBusiness Services 5,018    
74DeloitteBusiness Services 4,859    πŸŒž
75 Allied UniversalBusiness Services 4,841 
76AlbertsonsFood & Drug Stores 4,757 
77Hibbett SportsRetailing 4,708
78Red LobsterHospitality 4,513 
79Tractor Supply CompanyRetailing 4,510 
80 FedEx Transportation 4,417  
81SodexoHospitality 4,366  
82 Chipolte Hospitality 4,299    πŸŒž
83Aspen DentalHealth Care 4,290    πŸŒž
84Five GuysHospitality 4,245    πŸ”Ό
85Dick's Sporting GoodsRetailing 4,129 
86 Right at HomeHealth Care 4,081    πŸ”Ό
87T-MobileTelecommunications 4,057    πŸŒž
88GameStopRetailing 4,042
89 Boston Market Hospitality 4,010    πŸŒž
90 Winn-DixieFood & Drug Stores 4,002  
91 Brookdale Senior LivingHealth Care 3,953 
92 UnitedHealth GroupHealth Care 3,828    πŸŒž
93 LifePoint HealthHealth Care 3,832    πŸ”Ό
94 AramarkBusiness Services 3,611
95 Extended Stay AmericaHospitality 3,711    πŸŒž
96 Mercy HealthHealth Care 3,573    πŸŒž
97 Home Instead Senior CareHealth Care 3,734    πŸŒž
98 FRESENIUSHealth Care 3,727    πŸŒž
98 StaplesRetailing 3,686  
100 General Dynamics Aerospace 3,519    πŸŒž

* Note that many or most of the jobs for the US Army and the Army National Guard may require enlistment in that service. The benefits of enlistment include training and, when on active duty, the pay is supplemented with housing, healthcare, insurance, and other benefits. Of course, in time of war, many of the jobs carry great risk. For more US federal government jobs, visit

These 100 employers are a very small sample of all the active employers in the USA currently.

Many of these employers have locations across the USA (and, often, the world), so they may be in your area, too. Look to see if similar businesses in your location are hiring, too.

Keep the following things in mind as you view the list of employers:
  •   Prepare for Pandemic Interview Questions  

    You must understand how the employer has managed this situation -- how their business has changed and how they have protected their employees and customers. Ask them during, or before, the interview.

    You also need to be prepared to answer questions about how you have managed the situation, including if -- and how -- you have worked remotely. Read Interview Questions in a COVID Pandemic World for more details.
  •   The fastest way to land a new job is through an employee referral   --   not through an online application.

    As you are researching an employer before applying, you may connect with an employee who can refer you for a job.

    That employee referral makes you stand out among the vast crowd of people who apply anonymously. So, leverage your network (LinkedIn is helpful for this). Find people who work at one of these employers IF you want to work for that employer.
  •   Know that having many jobs open may not be a good sign about the employer.  

    Sometimes many jobs open means the employer is growing and expanding which can offer great opportunities.

    Other times, many open jobs may mean they have high turnover because they are not an ideal place to work, pay poorly, or are not well-managed.

    Check LinkedIn to see if any of your connections work for the employer (now or in the past). If you find people, reach out to see if they would be willing to discuss their experience with the employer (informational interviews). You may end up with an employee referral OR a good reason to find a different potential employer.

    Before you waste your time applying for a job, check out the employer's website and also the employer reviews on sites like and

    Landing, a job you will hate means another job search, too soon.

The Bottom Line:

Hopefully, you see many employers are hiring people and many different jobs are available right now. Try a Google search for "jobs near me," and you will find jobs from employers who are local to you. To land your new job, read former recruiter Biron Clark's article about networking during this pandemic, recruiter Ed Han's article about how hiring is happening NOW, and then dig into LinkedIn to expand your network and to make your expertise more visible to the world. With a good LinkedIn profile, a good network, and some luck, your next job will find you.

Good luck with your job search!

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