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Guide to Successful Job Interviews

By Susan P. Joyce

Interviewing is usually a very important part of the process of finding a job. It's an important connection between the job candidate and the people making the hiring decision.

Interviews Are a Two-Way Street

While it is an important, even critical, part of the hiring process, job interviews are an opportunity for each "side of the desk" to evaluate the other.

Job seekers too often forget that they should use the interview process as an opportunity to collect information about the employer. Does this job with this employer really represent a good opportunity for the job seeker? Is this really a place where you want to work?

Even in this economy, job seekers can use this face-to-face interaction, often taking place in the work environment, to evaluate the employer.

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The Job Interview Process

If a job seeker's resume passes the resume screen, the job interviews are usually the next major step in the pre-employment screening process. During this screening process, employers often focus on eliminating applicants who are not appropriate for the job or the situation. The result can be, for the job seeker, like running through a mine field. One misstep, and you're OUT - a very stressful situation.

But, millions of people are hired every year, even in tough economies, proving that the process is survivable.

The articles in this section will help you understand and survive this process successfully.

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Answering Common Job Interview Questions

For laughs -- and some insight -- read 30 Bad Answers to Job Interview Questions.

For more about handling behavioral interviews, panel interviews, and telephone interviews, as well as preparing for job interviews, see the article list on the right.


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Guide to Job Interviews

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