Job Networking for Introverts: Pace Yourself

Highly social activities are typically draining for introverts, and much of the job search process involves social activities. What can an introvert do? Pace yourself!

Specifically, try some of the following tips to manage your energy.

  • If you know that an event will be very crowded and over-stimulating for you, spend some alone time beforehand to conserve your energy for when you need it.
  • Recognize that a job interview (particularly one that involves a series of consecutive interviews) will be draining and, if possible, limit your activities prior to the interview to conserve your energy.
  • Balance your energy conservation down time with a brief, non-energy-draining conversation with a friend or family member, just to make sure you don’t withdraw so deeply that it’s hard to come out and carry on a conversation with others.
  • When you attend a group event, find out the names of participants ahead of time, if possible, so that you can identify people who are of particular interest to you and use your time – and energy – more efficiently.
  • Prioritize the networking activities so that you are at your highest energy level for the most important activity.
  • When you have a full schedule of networking activities, take breaks so that you can recharge your batteries.
  • When a job interview lasts for several hours and consists of meeting several people, ask for a bathroom break (even if you don’t need one) just so that you can clear your head for 5 minutes and recharge briefly.

Remember that, while some activities are draining, others will help you recharge. Opportunities for reflection, for “digging deep” (e.g., doing research on a company or fine-tuning your LinkedIn profile), and one-on-one time with others typically serve that purpose for introverts.

Bottom line:

If you schedule a mixture of activities – some that may drain your energy reserves and others that re-energize you – you’ll be able to go the distance.

More Information About Job Networking

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About the author…

Wendy Gelberg is a Career Navigator at JVS CareerSolution in Boston and author of The Successful Introvert: How to Enhance Your Job Search and Advance Your Career. She is a certified career coach and resume writer whose expertise is in helping people who are uncomfortable “tooting their own horn.” Wendy writes resumes, gives workshops, coaches individuals, and writes articles and blogs on all aspects of the job search process. Samples of her resumes and career advice appear in over 20 books. Wendy has been a career coach and resume writer for over 15 years. She has been an introvert her whole life. Contact Wendy at [email protected].

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