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On this page: Camille Carboneau Roberts shares the advantages of a federal government career for former military members and how to begin the transition.

The Military to Federal Government Career Transition Option

Are you preparing to transition from the military? Are you wondering whether to pursue employment with the Federal government? The Federal government is an excellent employment option for our service men and women.
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Three Benefits of a Federal Position:

1. Financial Rewards.

The Federal government offers competitive wages. Average entry-level salaries range from $26,000-$37,000. Depending on the length and type of your military experience, you will likely qualify for a mid-level or senior-level position.

Comprehensive benefits are usually offered, including:

These benefits can sometimes exceed what the private sector generally offers.

2. Hiring Advantage.

The Federal government gives special consideration to qualified Veterans seeking Federal employment. Veterans who are disabled, or who served on active duty during certain time periods or in military campaigns, are given hiring preference over non-veterans—both in hiring and in retention during reductions-in-force.

3. Transferable Experience.

The Federal government seeks employees with the same type of skills possessed by many military personnel. In particular, in this post-9/11 environment, the Federal government needs a well-trained, disciplined workforce to protect our nation.

Several common employers of former military personnel are:

If the skills you gained in the military do not seem as directly transferable to the Federal sector as, for example, an intelligence analyst, logistician, or law enforcement agent, do not be discouraged. Chances are your skills are more transferable than you think. Ask a federal career professional to review and analyze your situation before starting down a path that might not take you where you want to go.

How to Get Started?

Federal job-hunting can be an overwhelming process—but it does not have to be! Here are some suggestions to help guide your transition:

Once you get started on USAJOBS, you will find it fairly user friendly. Do not be deterred or overwhelmed by the process!

Thank you for your service to our country, and good luck as you embark on the next step of your professional career!

About this author...

Job-Hunt's Federal Job Search Expert, Camille Carboneau Roberts, established CC Career Services in 1989 to provide total career management services to help clients land jobs faster. Key services include federal resumes, private sector resumes, military-to-federal resumes, and social media resumes and profiles. Contact Camille at, 208.522.4455, through her web site, and also through social media links, like her LinkedIn Profile. Follow Camille on Twitter @CamilleRoberts, Friend her on Facebook at CamilleCarboneauRoberts and CC Career Services, join her Federal Job Search Group on LinkedIn, and visit her Google Plus Profile.