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Guide to Successful Job Search for Boomers and 50+ Job Seekers

By Susan P. Joyce

Job seekers who are over 50 and members of the "Baby Boomer" generation face challenges that younger job seekers don't usually encounter. Those challenges can make the job search more difficult, extending the time between jobs, adding to stress and financial worries.

In the 21st century, effective methods of job search have changed, but Boomers and other 50+ job seekers are handling the tough job market and tough economy with their usual can-do attitude.


This Guide is comprised of the articles and resources you see in the column on the right, ranging from Laid Off! Now What? and How to Address the "Overqualified" Concern to Figuring Out What's Next, Developing Your Success Plan, Beating Boomer Stereotypes, and MORE!

For some interesting options for Boomers (and others) looking for their "second act" careers, check out author Nancy Collamer's Lifestyle-Friendly Careers articles here on and author Jan Cannon's Mid-Life Careers.

If you are interested in breaking out of the standard 9 to 5 job, read the articles in the Guide to Freelance and Independent Contractor Jobs. and check out the Guide to the Temporary Work Option.

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Guide to Job Search for Boomers and 50+:

Boomer/50+ Job Search Concerns:

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Figuring Out What's Next:

Developing Your Personal Success Plan:

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Boomer Career Pioneers:

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