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On this page: How women veterans can develop a plan for job search success when they re-enter civilian life.

Military Women: Finding Job Search Success

By Patra Frame

Military women transitioning to the civilian world over the past decade have had higher rates of unemployment than men.

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What can you do to ensure you find the right job and succeed?

Perhaps the following information can help you.

1. Take advantage of every transition program offered.

Research shows that those who start the job search at least six months before they leave active duty are most likely to move into jobs they want. There are several aspects of this you should pay attention to.

2. Learn to network.

Multiple studies show that the people who are good at networking consistently make better career progress. Yet military women are far less likely to network than most people.

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3. Use the support services you need.

There are many additional job search support services available after leaving active duty.

Some military women will need added emotional support. Get what you need from Military OneSource to the VA. Job search is emotionally tough enough, and be sure you are taking care of your health needs!

An increasing problem among women vets is the single mothers who don’t find a good job quickly enough and become homeless. Planning and effective job search is especially critical if you have others who depend on you.

In 2007, the BPW (Business and Professional Women) Foundation did one of the first large public surveys of military women and their transition. Their research indicated a continuing need for transition assistance after women left the service. Additionally, successful transitions are more likely among military women who have a job search mentor. You can often find such a person in your network. There are professional coaches who do this also.

Bottom Line

Your military service can be the basis of a very successful career. Many of the following skills and attributes that helped you succeed in the military are critical to the civilian work world too, and are all valuable assets in job search success:

So, learn to speak "civilian" again, network effectively, and take advantage of every service available to meet your needs.

About the author...

Patra Frame has extensive experience in human capital management and career issues in large and small corporations. She is an Air Force vet and charter member of The Women In Military Service for America Memorial.  Patra speaks and writes regularly on job search and career issues through her company Strategies for Human Resources (SHRInsight) and where she blogs advice for veterans and other job seekers. Watch Patra's job search tips videos on YouTube, and follow her on Twitter @2Patra and on Google+.