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Biron Clark: Job Search Expert

Biron Clark

Biron Clark is a Job Search Author and former Recruiter for more than 50 employers in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and software technology industries.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Finance from UMass Dartmouth in 2010 and began working as a Recruiter in early 2012 for a small staffing agency outside of Boston.

In this role, he recruited for multiple Fortune 500 firms and began learning first-hand what hiring managers look for on a resume, on LinkedIn, and in the job interview. He was promoted to Project Manager and continued recruiting while also training/mentoring new recruiters in the company.

While getting a “behind the scenes” look at the hiring process for top employers, he founded the job search advice website CareerSidekick in 2013 to share what he was learning. Career Sidekick grew to more than 1,000,000 readers per month and eventually became a full-time business dedicated to helping job seekers get hired.

Biron no longer works as a recruiter but continues to test job search strategies and write about what works best in today’s job market, on his own website and on sites including, The Muse,, Huffington Post, and more. He was also named a LinkedIn Top Voices for Job Search and Careers.

For more of Biron's advice, follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

New Articles:

  • How to Leverage LinkedIn's Secret Information Gold Mine Practically every employer has a Company page on LinkedIn. Company pages have a couple of key sections that you can use to get the attention of these employers, get more interviews, and get more job offers. The best part is: Most of your competitors are not taking advantage of LinkedIn Company pages and are not paying much attention to this resource. Leveraging Company pages is an opportunity to do things differently in your job hunt and set yourself apart. In this article, I'm going to walk you through a few simple yet effective ways to use an employer's LinkedIn Company page to your advantage to get hired.
  • Catch Recruiter Attention: LinkedIn Messages That Work As a career advice author and former recruiter, I have received hundreds of LinkedIn messages asking for help, advice, and introductions to employers. I cannot always reply to all of them, due to lack of time. However, what I have realized is: Certain types of messages are far more likely to get replies from me. After discussing this with colleagues including fellow recruiters, coaches, and other experts, I have found that they follow a similar pattern when deciding which messages to respond to.
  • Effective Job Search Networking During the COVID-19 Pandemic Much has changed in the past few weeks due to COVID-19. While many things have become more difficult for job seekers, this situation has also created some opportunities you can take advantage of. One of those opportunities the Coronavirus pandemic has created is online networking. Yes. Really!

Essential Job Interviewing Requirements

  • Catch Recruiter Attention: 5 Critical LinkedIn Profile Elements Recruiters Want Recruiters can help you get more interviews if you are an active job seeker. They can also bring you the occasional career-advancing opportunity even if you are not looking. It all starts with catching their attention, though. Recruiters sift through hundreds of LinkedIn profiles in a typical week. So, they do not have time to read each profile carefully.
  • 6 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out According to LinkedIn, there are 675+ million users on the platform, as of February 1, 2020. So while standing out is not easy, there are still some opportunities to set yourself apart (that most job seekers do not know about and do not take advantage of). In this article, I will walk you through 6 areas where you can make your LinkedIn profile stand out to recruiters and hiring managers.

Guide to Successful Interviews

  • Winning the Interview with a Younger Hiring Manager When you meet the hiring manager for the first time, you may discover he or she is much younger than you. Being interviewed by a younger hiring manager can be uncomfortable for older job seekers. But, if you have some tactics ready, interviewing with a younger hiring manager can be pleasant. And it does NOT need to cost you the job!
  • After Your Interview, What Employers Talk About Behind Closed Doors Have you ever been asked a tough, curve-ball interview question and thought, "Why do they want to know this?" Or have you ever left an interview, wished you had said something differently, and wondered if it might have cost you the job? Employers ask a lot of tough questions, and it is not always obvious what they want to hear. So in this article, I'm going to reveal what employers talk about "behind the scenes" after your interview and how they really decide who to hire, so you can give better answers, feel more confident, and get more job offers.
  • How to Beat Interview Anxiety and Get MORE Job Offers A lot of job seekers ask me what to say in their interview. They want to know the "right" answers. The truth is, sometimes memorizing answers just makes you more nervous and costs you job offers. When you plan everything out word-for-word, you may panic as soon as the conversation goes off-script.

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Biron Clark About the author...

Biron Clark is a former Executive Recruiter for multiple Fortune 500 firms and venture-funded tech startups, and founder of the job search advice website Career Sidekick. His advice is read by more than one million people a month and has been mentioned/quoted in CNBC, Forbes, Business Insider,, Yahoo Finance, The Muse, and more. Selected by LinkedIn as one of 10 "Top Voices for Job Search and Careers," follow Biron on LinkedIn and on Twitter at @bironclark.
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