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Camille Carboneau Roberts, Federal Job Search Expert

Camille Carboneau Roberts

Camille Carboneau Roberts' background includes working nine years for the prime contractor to the Department of Energy at the Idaho National Laboratory and teaching at Eastern Idaho Technical College as an adjunct faculty member. She has held positions in a variety of departments including Electronic and Technical Publications, Spent Fuel Processing, and Human Resources.

Camille started CC Career Services in 1989 providing career-related services including Federal and private-sector résumés, interview coaching, salary negotiating, and computer training. She has helped people gain employment in the Federal government, helping government employees prepare their résumés and narratives for promotions to the Senior Executive Service level, and transitioning Military to the corporate or Federal sectors.

Camille has earned many industry credentials including:

  • Certified Online Professional Networking Strategist—LinkedIn
  • Certified Federal Resume Writer/Coach (CFRW/C)
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)
  • Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP)
  • Certified Advanced Resume Writer (CARW)
  • Certified Internet Job Search Expert (CIJSE)
  • Behavioral Consultant and Authorized DISC Administrator

Camille is active in several professional organizations including Career Directors International Research Committee (member of the Annual Conference and Education Committees), Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (member of the Certification Committee), National Résumé Writers Association, and the Association of Online Resume and Career Professionals. In addition, Camille is a member of Professional conduct Board of the Idaho State Bar, a volunteer mediator with the Seventh Judicial District Court, and on the Board of Directors of the Grand Teton Mediation Association..

Her work has been featured in 202 Great Resumes, 2500 Keywords to Get You Hired, 101 Best Resumes to Sell Yourself, Expert Résumés for Baby Boomers, Best Resumes for College Graduates, ResumeMaker Deluxe, Job Search Bloopers and How to Avoid Them, No-Nonsense Job Interviews, Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, and 101 Best Résumés for College Graduates. She is also a Contributing Author to the Career Directors International Career Industry Mega Trends Reports.

Camille won the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory Woman-Owned Business Award and was recognized for being an Outstanding Supplier to the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory.

Camille is an International TORI (Toast of the Resume Industry) Award Winner for Best Cover Letter, Second Place; Best Military Conversion, Second Place. She has also been nominated for three other TORI Awards—Best International Resume, Best Resume for Re-Entry to Workplace, and Best Cover Letter.

Camille speaks about and teaches Federal employment strategies, Federal résumés, narrative writing, and interviewing to small and large groups on-site as well as via webinars. She continually offers her expertise in multiple industry forums and speaking engagements, and through webinars.  Some of the webinars Camille teaches include: Link Yourself In (LinkedIn), Go Out on a Limb to Find a Job with Facebook/BranchOut, Tweet Your Way to a New Job (Twitter), and How to Make a Huge Return on Investment by Finding Employment through

Contact Camille at, 208.522.4455, through her web site, and also through social media links, like her LinkedIn Profile. Follow Camille on Twitter @CamilleRoberts, Friend her on Facebook at CamilleCarboneauRoberts and CC Career Services, join her Federal Job Search Group on LinkedIn.

Articles by Camille Carboneau Roberts

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