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On this page: Jump start your transition from the military to the civilian world through these national resources.

Re-entering the Civilian Job Market - National Job Search Resources for Veterans

It's been a long time since you were on a job search, so you need to adjust your approach, your language, and your mindset. The civilian job market has it's own rules, but they aren't consistent, and networking (knowing people) is often more important than qualifications or experience. Fortunately, as a veteran you have a large network already at work for you.
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Training Programs:

Sources of Jobs:

These are good places to get started. Don't fall into the trap of plastering your resume all over the Internet. It's like using a shotgun or a hand grenade when a rifle is the best weapon for the mission.

Job Boards

U.S. Federal Government Employers

Often, veterans find that a "transitional" job for Uncle Sam, the USPS, or a government contractor will enable the move from military to civilian career more smoothly.

Military-Friendly Employers

Sources of job search support and networking

A job search can be a lonely process, and everyone needs help with it, at least once in a while. Other people have different contacts, perspective, and experience that can be very helpful.

Social networks like LinkedIn Groups, Facebook, and Google Plus Communities can also be excellent sources of networking contacts. So, check those out, too.

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