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Bob McIntosh: Job Search Expert

Bob McIntosh

Bob McIntosh, CPRW, is a career trainer who leads more than 20 unique job-search workshops and webinars at MassHire Lowell Career Center, Lowell, MA. He received the Ingenuity Award from MassHire for his part in developing the career center's first webinar program.

Bob also meets with high-level job seekers on an individual basis. He critiques their résumés and LinkedIn profiles, as well as conducts mock interviews and provides salary negotiating advice.

Bob has gained a reputation as a LinkedIn authority. In 2019, LinkedIn chose Bob as one of LinkedIn Top Voices for Job Search and Careers.

Bob is proud of creating the first LinkedIn program at MassHire Career Center (then Career Center of Lowell) and developing workshops to support the program. Job seekers from across the state attend his LinkedIn workshops.

Bob’s greatest pleasure is helping people find rewarding careers in a competitive job market. For enjoyment, he blogs at Things Career Related. Follow Bob on LinkedIn.

Articles by Bob McIntosh

Hot Trends:

  • Hot Resume Trends: What the Experts Say
    A new decade has launched, so what will it bring in terms of resume trends? One thing is for sure; if you plan to submit the same tired resume for all positions, your chances of success will hover around zero percent. Another well-known fact is that your resume must demonstrate your value.
  • Hot LinkedIn Trends: What the Experts Say
    To land a job, you will need to have a strong LinkedIn profile. And, that profile needs to clearly brand you. But is a strong, well-branded LinkedIn profile enough? According to four LinkedIn experts it isn't.
  • Hot Job Interview Trends: What the Experts Say
    It is 2021, and you are in the job hunt, either because you are unemployed or looking for a better gig. One thing for sure is employers are hiring but they are being more cautious, and the hiring process is taking longer. This is why you need to need to understand the hot interviewing trends to be successful in landing your next position.

Job Search:

  • 4 Ways to Avoid a Toxic Workplace for Your Next Job
    Think about the job you disliked the most. There are many reasons why employees are dissatisfied with their jobs: Perhaps the work environment was unfair -- rigid rules were enforced with no exceptions, except for a favored few. Maybe, the company lacked integrity -- employees didn't trust management and vice versa. Or, you weren't given the autonomy necessary to do your job well. These are examples of how your values and those of the workplace do not match.
  • Essential Tools for Today's Advanced Job Search
    Many high-level job seekers I encounter at an urban career center for which I work haven't had to look for a job in 10, 20, 30 years, or more. For them, today's advanced job search might feel like landing on Mars, as the job-search terrain has drastically changed. If you are also in this boat, this post will help you understand what you’ll encounter as you go forward


  • Publishing on LinkedIn: Gain Both Visibility and Credibility
    I know some of you are good writers who have expertise to share with your connections. Further, you're wondering how you can enhance your brand. Blogging is a great way to do this. And LinkedIn gives you an easy way to share your knowledge by providing you with a clean, crisp platform.

Job Interviews:

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Bob McIntosh About the author...

Bob McIntosh, CPRW, is a career and LinkedIn trainer who leads more than 17 job search workshops at an urban career center. He also critiques LinkedIn profiles and conducts mock interviews. His greatest pleasure is helping people find rewarding careers in a competitive job market. Selected by LinkedIn as one of 10 "Top Voices for Job Search and Careers," follow Bob on LinkedIn. Visit his blog at Follow Bob on Twitter: @bob_mcintosh_1, and connect with him on LinkedIn.
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