Guide to Getting Started with Smarter Job Search


Job search in the 21st Century is a process quite different from earlier eras, and the growing importance of social media and Internet search show us that the changes are not over – most likely they are just beginning.

Successful job hunting methods in 2019 are quite changed from those used very successfully in 2017.

The Job Search Tutorial

The Job Search Tutorial walks you through a very useful overview of the current job search process step-by-step. If you haven’t been in a job search since 2016 (or earlier), you will find the tutorial very helpful. Start with Part I – having a solid foundation for your job search will make your job search shorter. Then, you can jump around, if you prefer, but it’s best to start with Part 1 and go through all the steps to the end.

Where and How to Find Jobs

The Guide to Finding Jobs Online will show you at least 10 different sources of job opportunities. Connecting with your new job can happen in an amazingly large number of ways.

I know three people who met the hiring manager while all four were waiting in line at a funeral. So, never underestimate the power of networking, and spend less than an hour a day applying for jobs on job boards. Job boards can be a great source of information, but they are limited in effectiveness.

The Job Search Process

The Job Search Process shows you how the process works, in detail. From finding jobs online and interviewing to networking and online reputation management, find the details you need to succeed. Choose the sections that are the most useful to you, or read every section so that you are fully-prepared to succeed.


Once you have a solid understanding of how job search works today, you are ready to move on to leverage the expert advice and thousands of resources Job-Hunt provides to help you succeed in your job search. Just take a look at the links in the column on the right (or below, if you are using a smart phone).

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