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On this page: Links to each state's Employment Office and to other resources for each state.

State Employment Offices

These offices provide support for both job seekers and employers. Each state employment office is named and organized differently from the others, but the essential services are the same. The offices are listed below in alphabetical order by state name with the associated state Job-Hunt page also listed.

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Unemployment Benefits
If you lost your job and have a question about unemployment benefits, your local state Employment Office is where you get your questions answered and register to receive benefits. Make this state office your first stop the day after you lose your job - they have many resources and help for you in your job search.

Beware of non-government "services" which will register you for unemployment benefits. According to the Minnesota Dept. of Employment, such services may delay the start of benefits and cost you money you don't need to spend. Apply directly to the appropriate office from the list below.

State Employment Offices

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