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On this page: Directory of Government Job Search Resources: links to hundreds of Government employers, associations for government employees, and articles on how to land a government job.

Directory of Government Job Search Resources

Even in a tough job market, you will very often find good jobs in federal, state, and local governments available. For members of the US military transitioning to a civilian job, a position in government or with a government contractor can be a comfortable move and provide an excellent point of entry - or re-entry - into the civilian job market.

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The resources and information provided on Job-Hunt for government job seekers are divided into 2 major categories:

1.  Links to government employer resources and recruiting pages.

Many job seekers believe that, the Website run by the U.S. Federal Government's Office of Personnel Management, is the only official source of US Federal Government job postings. It is NOT the only source.

If you spend 100% of your Federal job search efforts on, you will be missing many opportunities. In Job-Hunt's Directory of U.S. Federal Government Job Boards, you will find over 125 links to the job boards run by individual US Federal Government agencies and departments, from the White House to the Senate and the House of Representatives.

If you are looking for networking and learning opportunities, be sure to check out the Government Associations links.

You will also find links to U.S. State & Local Government Jobs, multinational organizations like the United Nations and the World Bank, and also links in other countries like Canada, the UK, and Australia.

2.  Guide to Federal Government Job Search

Find expert advice in how to successfully navigate the U.S. Federal Government job search process, including the documentation needed and how the process works. 

The process for applying for - and landing one of - these jobs may not be clear, quick, or easy, but the benefits are usually good, and the employer tends to be stable. Read the articles for help and guidance, and check out the free eBook - Guide to Creating an Effective Resume on

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