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Welcome to Job-Hunt! Our goal is to help you be more successful in your job search, and we've been doing that since 1995. So, we've created Guides to over 50 job search and career topics, from job interviews and resumes to job search for veterans and boomers, all written by genuine experts in their fields, with the most popular listed below. Check the navigation bar above, do a search, or check out the Online Job Search Guides to find more.

Effective job search methods changed substantially, particularly in the last few years with the increased use of more complex technology for recruiting. So, successful job search is more complicated ever! You must protect your privacy and manage your online reputation while becoming more visible in social media, particularly LinkedIn, using the right keywords (a.k.a. Personal SEO).

These Job-Hunt Guides are for you to use, at no charge. Feel free to explore all of them in any order that you choose. New articles are added every week, and the newest will always be listed below.

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Newest Articles:

  • Use 'Visuals' to Outshine Your Competition

    Employers are buried under mountains of paper that all look the same. These four types of visual media can help you stand out from the crowd in your job search. Here's where and how to use them... By Hannah Morgan in Guide to Navigating a Successful Job Search.
  • Manage LinkedIn Settings for a Private / "Stealth" Job Search

    Sometimes, you need a low profile for your job search. If you currently have a job, your boss won't be happy to discover you are job hunting, and you are more likely to get fired than promoted or paid more. That’s when you need to use "stealth mode" in LinkedIn. By Ed Han in Guide to LinkedIn for Job Search.
  • Manage Your Finances When You Freelance or Contract

    If you are a "solopreneur" -- working as a freelancer or a contractor or until you find that great "permanent" (?) job -- you are a business. This means learning a new way to manage your finances, which can be complicated if you aren't careful. By Julie Walraven in Guide to Freelance and Independent Contractor Jobs.
  • Promotion to Manager: Major Career Change

    Becoming a manager is often viewed as a sign of success. Particularly if you are promoted to manager where you have been working for a while, the impact of that job title change to "manager" can't be over-estimated. Here is what changes and how... By Mark Feffer in Guide to IT Job Search (very helpful even if you aren't in IT).
  • Modernize Your Resume, Boomers!

    If you're a Baby Boomer job hunting for the first time in several years, chances are very good that your resume needs to be updated substantially (list accomplishments not responsible-for items) and formatted so that the recruiter can see, in as little as 6 seconds, that you are qualified for their job. By Phyllis Mufson in Guide to Job Search for Boomers (very helpful for non-Boomers who haven't job hunted in a while).
  • Build Your Career Through Volunteering

    Volunteering offers you the opportunity to develop new skills, expand your network, and gain a new perspective on your life. Plus, you will help an organization that will benefit from your attention -- definitely a "win/win" situation! By Debra Wheatman in Guide to Career Building.
  • 5 Things You MUST Do Before a Job Interview

    Take the time to perform these 5 essential types of research before going to the job interview. You will demonstrate your interest in the opportunity (which employers doubt these days), have a better understanding of the organization and the job, and stand out from the crowd of less prepared interviewees. By Don Goodman in Guide to IT Job Search (very helpful even if you aren't in IT).
  • Social Media Tips for Military in Transition

    When you are transitioning out of the military, you have several special issues to manage, like establishing a solid LinkedIn Profile, and translating your military accomplishments into language civilians can understand and appreciate. By USAF Vet Patra Frame in Guide to Job Search for Veterans.
  • 6 Great Benefits of LinkedIn Groups

    You can join up to 50 LinkedIn Groups, and smart Group participation offers great benefits both for your job search as well as your career. Groups provide the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and communications skills as well as providing a free way to message people inside LinkedIn, even if you don't have a "premium" account.. By Don Goodman in Guide to IT Job Search (very helpful even if you aren't in IT).
  • Identify the Best Keywords for Your LinkedIn Profile

    The right keywords for your job search are essential for success. Using the wrong keywords, usually too vague (like "marketing professional") can sabotage your job search. There's a free tool that makes it relatively easy to find exactly the right keywords for you. Here's how to find and use it... By Susan P. Joyce in Guide to LinkedIn for Job Search.
  • Using LinkedIn for Online Reputation Management

    When you submit a resume or application, the vast majority of employers do an Internet search on your name to validate your resume and to learn more about you. Because it is so very visible in Google search results, LinkedIn is currently one of the best tools for managing your online reputation. By Susan P. Joyce in Guide to Online Reputation Management.
  • Why New Grads Must Join LinkedIn

    Whether you’re seeking your first job or career advancement and a promotion, LinkedIn is an essential social networking tool. LinkedIn is also where recruiters hang out, searching for candidates with the right skills and experience. Be here, or be invisible. By Chandlee Bryan in Guide to Job Search for New Grads.

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