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Welcome to Job-Hunt! Our goal is to help you be more successful in your job search, and we've been doing that since 1995. So, we've created Guides to over 50 job search and career topics, from job interviews and resumes to job search for veterans and boomers.

Effective job search methods changed substantially, particularly in the last few years with the increased use of more complex technology for recruiting.

So, successful job search is more complicated than having a good resume! Resumes are still very important, but you must also protect your privacy and manage your online reputation while becoming more visible in social media, particularly LinkedIn. And, if you aren't using the right keywords is the right places (a.k.a. Personal SEO), you will have a much tougher job search today.

All Job-Hunt articles are written by genuine experts in their fields, with the most popular articles and contributors (Job-Hunt Experts) listed below. Check the navigation bar above, do a search, or check out the Online Job Search Guides (lower right) to find more help for a smarter job search today.

These Job-Hunt Guides are for you to use, at no charge. Feel free to explore all of them in any order that you choose. New articles are added every week, and the newest will always be listed below.

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