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Liz Ryan: Job Search Networking Contributor

Liz Ryan

Liz Ryan is Job-Hunt's Networking Contributor. Liz is a former Fortune 500 VP and 25-year veteran of corporate human resources departments. In addition, Liz is the author of Happy About Online Networking and an internationally recognized expert on careers and the 21st century workplace. Find Liz on LinkedIn.

Liz has also written articles that appeared in, the Huffington Post, and, as well as many other publications, both online and off.

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Articles by Liz Ryan

Getting Started with Your Networking:

  • 10 Success Tips for Reluctant Networkers
    If you hate face-to-face networking, you're not alone. If the top-of-the-list most-feared activity is speaking in front of people, how can launching a conversation with a stranger be far behind?
  • The Point of Networking
    In the job-search process, a very important concept is the principle of 'conversion.' No one ever got offered a job just by sending a resume to an employer. If they did, they'd be nervous about the company!
  • 10 Networking No-No's
    Another year, more networking stories! My inbox fills up with them at least once a week. Here are ten latest Networking No-Nos, for savvy networkers to avoid (or cringe over, when these Don'ts are perpetrated on us).
  • Effective Job Search Networking
    When I'm not writing career-advice columns, I lead an online discussion community. One day not long ago, we got a request that startled me. "I need to make some money," wrote the poster.
  • So, What Do You Do?
    When you meet a new person, what will you say? It won't do to fumble as you describe what you've done and what you're looking for. When you get to the point in the conversation where a new acquaintance asks you, "What do you do?" you've got to be ready.

Finding Your Network:

  • What Network? I Don't Have a Network
    If I'd heard it once from a job-seeker, I've heard it a million times: "But I don't have a network – I don't know anyone!" You just don't think you do – you don't think about the people you know. But you know people – it's almost impossible not to, these days!
  • Reconnecting with Your Network
    When you're job-hunting, you're focused on meeting new people. That's a good thing to do, but it's important to remember that the people you're meeting in your job-search travels are almost always people who know very little about you.
  • Networking Like a Consultant
    Imagine how many times an employed person has been hit up for introductions to HR folks and hiring managers, in the course of his employment at that firm! There is a better way to network and to cultivate relationships that can both help your new acquaintance and widen your circles (of contacts, and influence). Here's how to do it.

Networking for Networking Haters:

  • Hope for Networking Haters
    When I was growing up, my mom had a cookbook called The I Hate to Cook Book. At the time, it was bold for a woman to say that she hated to cook! It's much the same way with networking, today. You're not supposed to hate networking. But many people do.
  • 10 Success Tips for Reluctant Networkers
    If you hate face-to-face networking, you're not alone. If the top-of-the-list most-feared activity is speaking in front of people, how can launching a conversation with a stranger be far behind?
  • The Right Networking Prize
    This is one of the most important networking lessons to understand and integrate. Thrusting a handshake at a person we don't know is the second-best way to meet that person. Being recommended by a person already credible to that individual is better.
  • In Praise of Non-Phony Networking
    If you're horrified by face-to-face networking events, you're certainly not alone - you're probably not even in the minority. It doesn't have to be that way, of course.

Advanced Networking Tips:

  • Stealth Job Search Networking
    The perennial debate question is: who has it tougher, an unemployed job-seeker or one who's working? The unemployed person has time pressure on him or her to find a new job before savings are depleted, but at least the job search is out in the open. There are no secrets to keep.
  • Managing that Second Networking Meeting
    One of the most common networking questions I get is the question "What do I do after I've met someone interesting? How do you follow up with a person in a way that's appropriate but opens the door to further conversation?"
  • Recovering When Introductions Fail
    Introductions are the oxygen that fuels networking; where would we be without them? If each of us had networks composed solely of the people we'd met on our own, our networks wouldn't be nearly as large or as fertile as they are. It's the introduction from one trusted colleague to another that makes our networking engines go. And every so often, as with other engines and other types of fuel, an introduction blows up in our face.
  • Personal Branding for Slash People
    Are you a person with a slash? I'm not talking a sash, like the kind Miss America wears. I'm talking about the slash that more and more employed people use to describe themselves - as in "I'm a marketer slash technical writer" or "I'm an expert in Public Relations slash Marketing."
  • Networking Lunch Rules
    The networking lunch is a time-honored tradition, but that doesn't mean that the protocols surrounding it are well-understood. For job-search networkers, understanding and practicing networking etiquette is, if anything, even more critical than for other types of networkers
  • Ending the Endless Network Conversation
    As much as you'd like to be sociable when attending job search networking events, you don't have unlimited time to spend with the "wrong sorts" of networking-event attendees.
  • More Powerful Networking
    Back in the dotcom era earlier in this decade, a hugely popular and influential book was Geoffrey Moore's "Crossing the Chasm." That's because "Crossing" deals with branding, and what is networking but a one-on-one - and one-on-many - personal branding exercise?

Job Search Networking Tools:

  • Jump into Social Networking
    You've heard about Twitter and Facebook, your friends are inviting you to join LinkedIn and other social networks, but perhaps you're not sure. If you join an online networking community, will you be deluged with spam from strangers? Is it worth it to take the plunge?
  • Effective Network Communications
    As a focused job-seeker, you're game to try every approach that may land you your next great position, and you're well aware of the power of networks in a job search. This combination of wanting to cover all bases and wanting to maximize the power of the network has led many a job-seeker into an unfortunate position.
  • The Online Job Search Myth
    The myth of online job searching is that the speed and ease of sending off a resume – or of posting an open position, for that matter – makes the overall online job-posting and job-hunting process painless. Would that it were so.

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