International Job Search: Canada

Canada and the United States share the longest common undefended border, officially known as the International Boundary, between any two countries. Because of this proximity, it is often said, in jest, that if the US sneezes, Canada catches a cold.

Jests aside, both countries probably share more commonalities than differences. But differences do exist that can trip up job seekers who don’t know about them or aren’t paying attention.

  • How many people know that Canada welcomes approximately 250,000 new immigrants every year?
  • How many people are aware that there are differences in Canadian and American spellings?
  • How many people know that the Canadian Constitution recognizes English and French as the official languages and therefore, all services are provided in both languages?

These and many other differences exist between Canada and the USA. So, this segment will bring awareness of these issues from the job search perspective, and should benefit resume writers, career coaches and other career professionals serving Canadian job seekers or professionals and others moving to Canada.

The segment will also include labour market information as it relates to the workforce, and particularly, newcomers. Each year, Canada welcomes approximately thousands of new immigrants – mainly from the professional and business classes, and this wave of migration comes with its own set of challenges.

Hopefully, this section of Job-Hunt will be a place with information that will benefit job seekers, career professionals and others interested in Canada’s job market and the best methods of job hunting in Canada.

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