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All of Job-Hunt's Guides are FREE for any job seeker to use. Each Guide is comprised of articles on a specific job search topic: resumes, job interviews, LinkedIn, and more than forty other topics.

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Expert Advice in Job-Hunt's Guides

Reader's Digest describes Job-Hunt.Org as "vacuum-packed with solid advice." The Guides described (and linked) below will make it clear why that description fits.

Each Guide is written by one or more experts in that field. These experts constantly contribute articles critical to successful job search. Scroll down to find the Guides divided into topic and sub-topics.

Guides to Online Job Search Tools

In the last few years, technology has dramatically changed how employers find and hire employees. And, those changes in recruiting have impacted job search in ways that job seekers have never seen before.

Understanding the new technology, from how to use Google and social media (particularly LinkedIn) to effectively using job boards and even email, is essential now. These links take you to Job-Hunt Guides on those topics:

Guides to Traditional Job Search Process and Tools

While technology has had an enormous impact, resumes are still very important, and job interviews usually clinch the job offer (when done well). Also smart job seekers understand what recruiters want, how to leverage temporary employment effectively, successfully navigate the job search process, and much more. Read these Guides to catch up on what is most effective now:

Guide to Avoiding Online Job Search Hazards

Unfortunately, new technology has created some new hazards, like protecting your privacy, job hunting without getting fired, and managing your online reputation. Old hazards have morphed into new versions, particularly related to scam jobs, scam job boards, and employer identity theft. These Job-Hunt Guides will help you navigate some tricky waters around those topics:

Guides for Handling Job Loss

Job loss is tough, regardless of the cause. These Job-Hunt Guides provide you with help recovering from layoffs as well as being fired:

Guides to Making a Career Change

With millions of options to choose from, this is often the most difficult part of a job search. It is also the most important.

Today, "keeping my options open" means a vague LinkedIn profile, a vague/general resume, and -- with the impact of technology and the importance of keywords -- usually a much longer job search. Taking the time to figure out what you want is usually an extremely good investment of your time and attention! Here's help:

Guides for Specific Groups of Job Seekers

Many groups of job seekers face unique issues, based on their age, experience level, or personal preferences. This section of Job-Hunt.Org helps members of those groups, from boomers to veterans, introverts to new grads, .

Learn what your group needs to know to succeed by reading the appropriate Guide(s) for you.

Guides for Specific Industries and Locations

Industries can differ dramatically in the process for successfully landing a job. In these Guides you will find help in understanding the requirements, processes, and unique characteristics of a specific industry. From the US Federal Government to information technology (IT) to attorneys and more, these Guides will increase your understanding of specific fields. That understanding will help you be more successful:

Job-Hunt's Free eBooks

For several years, Job-Hunt has provided free ebooks to help you be more successful in your job search. This is the complete list:

For more information on the experts who write this information for you, visit the Job-Hunt Job Search Experts page.

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