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On this page: Millions navigate the transition from fired to hired, and Tory Johnson will help you make that transition, too.

The Transition from Fired to Hired

People are fired every day. For good reason and for no good reason. It happens to most of us, at least once which is not much consolation when it happens to you.

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Being fired is very similar to being laid off, except that being fired is usually a solitary experience with no outplacement services provided. So, it can be very tough to handle both emotionally and financially.

As with a layoff, being fired can ultimately be the proverbial "best thing to happen to you," although you may not be able to view it that way for a long time.

Tory Johnson, our Fired-to-Hired Expert, is someone who was fired early in her career. Read her book, Fired to Hired: Bouncing Back from Job Loss to Get to Work Right Now, for an inspiring story of how she responded to that experience (not well, initially) and how she recovered. You'll also find Tory's excellent advice on how to manage your return to being employed.

Looking at Tory today, you would never expect that anyone would fire someone so articulate and capable. She is the CEO of Women For Hire, which she founded in 1999, contributor to ABC's Good Morning America, and is the author of several best selling books about job search and employment.

But it happened, and she overcame it. So will you, and you may be very successful in your next job, too!

For more about Tory, read Tory Johnson, Fired-to-Hired Expert.