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On this page: Fortune 500 companies listed according to the state where their headquarters is located.

Fortune 500 for 2013 Listed by State

Every year, Fortune magazine makes a list ranking the top 500 publicly-traded companies in order by total revenue. In this section of Job-Hunt, you will find the companies which are headquartered in a given state.

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These companies probably have a presence and employment opportunities in many states, but they are listed in this section according to the location of their headquarters.

Information Included

For each company, we provide a link to the Fortune "profile" which offers an over-view of the company’s financial performance and also lists the major competitors, plus:

Select the State you want by clicking on the links in the Section Index below.

Maryland (5) Alabama (1)  Alaska (0)  Arizona (6)  Arkansas (6)  California (57) Colorado (10) Connecticut (11)  Delaware (1)  Georgia (14)  Hawaii (0)  Florida (15)  Idaho (1)  Indiana (6)  Illinois (31)  Iowa (2)  Kansas (3)  Kentucky (6)  Louisiana (3)  Maine (0)  Massachusetts (12)  Michigan (18)  Michigan (18)  Minnesota (19)  Mississippi (0)  Missouri (11)  Montana (0)  Nebraska (5)  New Hampshire (0)  New Jersey (21)  New Mexico (0)  New York (56)  New York (56)  Nevada (4)  North Carolina (12)  North Dakota (0)  Ohio (27)  Oklahoma (4)  Oregon (2)  Pennsylvania (22)  Rhode Island (3)  South Carolina (0)  South Dakota (0)  Tennessee (9)  Texas (53)  Utah (1)  Vermont (1)  Virginia (21)  Washington (8)  West Virginia (0)  Wisconsin (10) Wyoming(0)

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Fortune 500 Section Index by State

Neither nor NETability, Inc. have any relationship with Fortune magazine or its parent company. We provide this information as a service to job seekers.