How to Find Resume Help: Templates, Tools, and More

No matter how many jobs you’ve applied to or how often you’ve updated your resume, there are times when you get stuck. After all, there aren’t that many ways to sum up your work history, skills, and experiences.

However, writing a killer resume is part science, part art, not to mention a little bit of style. And sometimes, blending these aspects into one document that explains why the hiring manager should choose you requires some outside assistance.

What Kind of Resume Help Is There?

When it comes to finding help with your resume, there are two options: robots and humans.

Resume Generators

Resume generators (or resume builders) are bots that create a resume for you. It doesn’t do all the work, though. You fill in some blanks (like your education, experience, job duties), then the bot creates a resume with suggestions on how to improve it.

For example, under your work history, it may suggest that you start every bullet point with a different action verb. Or it may recommend that you use quantitative measures to describe not just what you did but what the result was.

Resume generators often have different templates you can choose from and are a good choice for people who have a decent resume but might need a few tips or pointers on improving it. Some bots also have a tool that compares your resume to a job posting and gives you additional suggestions on customizing your resume for that particular role.

Human Resume Writers

Then there are humans who specialize in writing resumes. These could be college counselors, career coaches, or even someone with a background in human resources.

Just like the bot, a human resume writer will make suggestions for improving your resume. And their recommendations may be very similar to the ones you get from a bot. The difference, though, is that if you’re unsure how to implement the suggestions, you can speak with the resume writer to further fine-tune and understand what you need to do.

Hiring a resume writer is great for people who find it difficult to summarize their professional history. This option is also a good route for people who don’t have strong writing skills or need more detailed advice on smoothing something over, like an employment gap.

Which Kind of Resume Help Should I Work With?

Choosing which type of resume help to use comes down to what you want to get out of the experience. Here are some things to help you decide.


The advantage of a resume generator is that you can write a resume in just a few hours. Answer some questions, fill in some blanks, make a few tweaks, and ta-da! Instant resume. 

When you have a person write your resume, you have to fill out a form, wait for the writer to read them over, maybe ask some follow-up questions, schedule an appointment, write the resume, give it to you for approval, possibly rewrite the resume, then—finally!—you have a written resume. Even if things move quickly, it will likely take at least a week for a writer to finish.


While resume generators are fast, how qualified are they to write your resume?

Bots can ask the right questions to get your resume started, but if you get stuck, there’s not much it can do to help you figure things out. Beyond making the initial suggestions, you can’t have a conversation with the resume generator about what comes next. You can try rewriting and reentering the information, but if it’s still “not right,” you might not get the results you want.

And bots are often limited by their programming. Though most resume advice stays the same, things can and do change, and your resume needs to change with it. If the generator is outdated or programmed by someone who doesn’t keep up with resume trends, you may end up with a resume that doesn’t get results.

Resume writers are often certified or, at least, keep up on the most recent resume trends. They don’t need to be “reprogrammed,” giving you the latest and greatest advice as it happens. 

More importantly, though, you can have in-depth conversations with your resume writer to help you figure things out. They can ask the right questions to help you get unstuck or prompt you to think about things differently.

Is It Worth It to Pay for Resume Help?

Whether a bot or a human, not all resume writing services are free. 

In general, you’ll pay for a human resume writer. Most offer a package deal that includes, for example, one initial consultation, one review session, and one rewrite. Often you get one resume that you may have to tweak on your own to tailor it for every job you apply to.

Paid resume generators can include access to additional analysis (like multiple job descriptions), more templates, or allow you to generate unlimited resumes. And some resume generators are free, making them a cost-effective solution, even if you only get basic or limited features.

If you decide it’s worth paying for a resume service, make sure you read the fine print. The reality is that even a stellar resume is no guarantee that you’ll land the interview or the job. However, if you haven’t had any luck using your current resume, you may want a professional to give your resume a once-over, and that could be worth the cost.

Where Can I Find Resume Help?

A quick internet search can find you all the resume help you need! Here are a few human and nonhuman resources to get you started:

A Little Help From Resume Experts

Both resume generators and human resume writers are excellent choices to help you write a resume. Which type of service you go with often comes down to price, convenience, and how much personalized attention you want.

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