Parmelee Eastman, Job-Hunt’s Company Research Expert, is founder and president of EastSight Consulting and author of the KnowledgeIsPower blog on business research. Parmelee holds a B.A. from Wellesley College and an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School.

Building on her education and experience in high technology business, Parmelee Eastman applies the research and analytical skills she perfected in 15 years as a business research executive, first as a vice president of Fuld & Company, and, since 2001, as president of EastSite to the issues that businesses and non-profits face today.

Parmelee speaks at national and international conferences on topics related to business research, from pricing strategies to competitive research, and has been quoted in numerous business publications.

EastSite helps provide more effective utilization of external information in internal decision-making processes. EastSight Consulting clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to founding EastSight, Parmelee was the vice president of the global technology and communications practice at Fuld & Company and employed for 16 years at Digital Equipment Corporation. Parmelee can be reached at [email protected].

5 Landmines to Avoid when Interviewing at Competitors

Five landmines to avoid when intervieing at competitors – how to detect the dangers and protect yourself. Often your best potential new employers could be your current employer’s competition, and those job interviews can be very hazardous.

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Beyond Networking – Using LinkedIn for Company Research

We use LinkedIn for networking, particularly job search networking, and Parmelee Eastman offers us ways to use LinkedIn for job search research.

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Company Research: Key to Job Search Success

Thoroughly researching potential employers can mean a shorter, more focused and successful job search – know the employer BEFORE you apply and go to the interview.

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Analyzing the Company Financial Reports

Annual reports are excellent sources of information for job seekers.

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Learning from Industry Observers

Job seekers can learn a lot about a potential employer by following and understanding industry observers.

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Exploring the Employer’s Website

Job seekers can learn a great deal by checking out potential employers’ Websites.

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Think “Research” to Boost Job Search Networking Effectiveness

Researching a potential employer or industry pays long-term dividents in job satisfaction and long tenure.

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Researching Employers at Trade Shows

Trade shows can be very useful for job seekers researching potential employers.

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Where’s the Money? Researching Private Companies

Parmelee Eastman offers strategies for researching the financial strength of private companies to discover if they are good places to work.

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Think and Research Like a Stakeholder

Parmelee Eastman, Job-Hunt’s Job Search Research Expert, helps you identify stakeholder roles and the information you can learn from each perspective.

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