About Job-Hunt: Helping Job Seekers with Successful Job Search Since 1993

About Job-Hunt.org
-- Helping Job Seekers with Smarter Job Search Since 1994With well over 50,000,000 users in the past 15 years, Job-Hunt is among the most trusted and popular job search advice sites in the world.

Job-Hunt.org was originally established in 1993 as a list of online job search resources. The founder was a Stanford graduate student, Dane Spearing, who originally set up Job-Hunt on the Stanford University Residential Computers servers — the same servers where Yahoo.com was originally established.

Job-Hunt’s Mission

At Job-Hunt, we feel that we have a mission — to provide our visitors with the best information about topics important for a short and successful job search.

We want you to be successful in your job search and to know how to safely create and maintain your online visibility (and reputation) necessary so you will never need to search for a job again.

We want your next job to find you!

Job-Hunt Is Dedicated to Helping Job Seekers

Job-Hunt is dedicated to the millions of people who have had their personal lives disrupted by the loss of a job.

Job loss still happens to good employees, and the rate of unemployment typically increases and decreases based on what is happening with the employers in your location and also what is happening in the world’s economy. Of course, global pandemics also wreak absolute havoc on the employment market and have devastating unemployment consequences.

Whether you are unemployed or entering/re-entering the job market, finding a job can be a complex process. And regardless of your reason for unemployment (fired, laid off, quit, or new to the job market), we understand that finding a new job and regaining an income stream is your main goal.

A job loss can be a new beginning as well as an ending. A career is a journey, not a destination! Don’t give up!

Susan Joyce, who ran Job-Hunt for over 20 years, had been laid off twice and both times resulted in a change of direction of her career that made her both happier with her work and also increased her income. That result has been achieved by many MANY people who became unemployed. If you are currently unemployed, we wish the same result for you!


The purpose of  Job-Hunt is to provide the best and most up-to-date advice from genuine job search and career experts to help job seekers be successful in their job search.

Through our “FREE for you to use for your job search), we give you the information and advice to help you conduct a smarter and safer job search that will be shorter, too.

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Today’s job seekers face a wide array of opportunities and hazards based on the technology, the economy, and the needs and practices of employers and recruiters. This is a fast-changing environment with many benefits to all involved and new dangers.

From the beginning, Job-Hunt’s focus has been on helping job seekers succeed while avoiding scams and protecting their privacy.

From 1998-2021, Job-Hunt was owned and edited by FlexJobs family of sites.

Job-Hunt Awards and Recognition

Among the many awards, recognition, and quotes about Job-Hunt over the years: