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On this page: International resources for your job search.

International Job Resources

These Web sites specialize in jobs located outside of the United States, most of the time because they are Web sites owned, managed, and maintained in the country or geographic area where the jobs are located.

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Job-Hunt sponsor,, offers job listings for more than 50 countries, from Argentina and Australia through Venezuela and Vietnam. Find links to all of them on their Worldwide page.

If you are looking for a job on a site in a language that you do not understand, or one that you do not understand well, you can get assistance from sites which offer some translation services, like Google Translate. These translation services cannot translate text which is on graphics or in drop-down menus (usually), but they can provide one level of totally literal translation. For example, "employment" may be translated as "use" vs. "job." Don't take it personally.

Browse through these International Job Search Resources:

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