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Job-Hunt is dedicated to the millions of people who have had their personal lives disrupted by the loss of a job.

During the Digital Equipment Corporation ("DEC") layoffs of the early and mid-1990's, over 80,000 people lost their jobs world-wide. Thousands who were "right-sized" out of a job found a very tough job market. In New Hampshire and Massachusetts (near DEC's headquarters), they faced many employers who would not consider hiring them because of their DEC experience. The result in several instances was personal tragedy: homes were lost, marriages broke-up, and at least three people are known to have committed suicide with one murder-suicide combination adding an additional victim to the total tragedy.

We hope that Job-Hunt can help open doors and provide assistance and hope to job seekers so that they won't experience the most tragic aspects of the DEC layoffs.

A job loss can be a new beginning as well as an ending.

A career is a process, not a destination! Don't give up!

(See Job-Hunt's Mission in The Original "Stanford Job Site" page.)


The purpose of the Job-Hunt.Org Web site is to provide the most comprehensive listing of employer recruiting page links, the best Internet-accessible legitimate job-search resources and services on the Web, and the best and most up-to-date advice from genuine job search and career experts.  From the beginning in 1998, the focus is on avoiding scams and protecting job seeker privacy.

Since 1998, has been edited by online job search expert Susan P. Joyce, who is the primary writer and link chooser for Job-Hunt.

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Job-Hunt Awards and Recognition

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Job-Hunt's Mission

At Job-Hunt, we feel that we have an unwritten agreement with our visitors to list only the best job sites we can find. On Job-Hunt, you will find no work-at-home or make-millions scams, at least not on purpose. We carefully screen the sites that appear on Job-Hunt, in accordance with the description above. However, site ownership and/or goals change over time, and a site may "degrade" (in our opinion) after being added to Job-Hunt. Hopefully, very infrequently! Sometimes, also, a site is sold and morphs into an inappropriate or untrustworthy site. So, to paraphrase a famous saying, "verify before you trust" when visiting and using a site listed on Job-Hunt. READ the Privacy Policy before you use any Web site! 

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