Make Money From Home With These 12 Career Fields

With remote jobs becoming a substantial workforce trend, there are more opportunities to make money online than ever before.

Although there are still plenty of work-from-home scams to be mindful of, there are also thousands of legitimate jobs that offer remote opportunities.

Here’s a sampling of a range of career fields where you can make money while working remotely.

12 Career Fields to Make Money From Home

1. Account Management

If you have exceptional listening skills, as well as the ability to anticipate the needs of others, becoming an account manager could be a good career choice for you. As an account manager, you’ll provide exceptional client service to gain new business or maintain an existing business relationship.

Example remote account management job titles:

2. Communications

Communications jobs include social media, foreign relations, public relations, and many others. This broad job category means there are many career options available for those who have active listening, strong presentation, and exceptional writing skills.

Example remote communications job titles:
  • Senior Communications Manager
  • Communications/Public Relations Leader
  • Email Communications Writer

3. Editing

Editing is an excellent way to break into a work-from-home career. If you have writing, editing, and proofreading skills, check out the latest editing job listings at FlexJobs. Whether you have a degree in mass communications, journalism experience, or a grammar teaching background, this could be the right career choice for you.

Example remote editing job titles:
  • Digital Editor-in-Chief
  • Proofreader
  • Specialist Editor

4. Education & Training

Education and training positions can be found in the form of training employees on the latest techniques or working in a school system to educate staff and students. Education and training positions offer many legit ways to make money from home.

Example remote education & training job titles:
  • Online ESL Teacher
  • Economics Tutor
  • Instructional Designer

5. Fundraising

Fundraising positions are designed to garner the funding needed for projects and to maintain a business entity’s operations. Donations can be solicited in the form of monetary tithing or gifts for a nonprofit organization.

Example remote fundraising job titles:
  • Prospect Researcher
  • Campaign Specialist
  • Grant Writer

6. HR & Recruiting

Human resources and recruiting careers work to seek and secure the best employee candidates for a company. HR professionals conduct interviews, fill job openings, manage benefits programs, and more.

Example remote HR & recruiting job titles:
  • Human Resource Coordinator
  • Head of Talent
  • Senior Recruiter

7. Marketing

Marketing is another career category that offers widespread positions that typically work to promote, develop, or sell products or services. Jobs in marketing can include promotions, advertising, market research analysis, brand management, and public relations.

Example remote marketing job titles:

8. Software Development

Software development is the role to create, design, and program online applications and interfaces. Software development positions often require experience but don’t always require a specific degree, making them unique positions for the skilled and not just the educated.

Example remote software development job titles:

9. Translation

Translation positions are plentiful in an ever-melding world with more global travel among those who speak different languages (for example, Spanish jobs). Translation services can be found in many locations to include courts, prisons, hospitals, schools, legal entities, and others. Translation services are also needed for those who use sign language to communicate.

Example remote translation job titles:
  • Language Consultant
  • French Translator
  • Translator

10. Travel & Hospitality

Travel and hospitality professionals can work in a myriad of positions, such as travel agents, hotel managers, reservation agents, travel counselors, hotel inspectors, and more. If you’re knowledgeable in travel, you could be eligible to work for airlines, cruise lines, hotel chains, and more.

Example remote travel & hospitality job titles:
  • Corporate Travel Consultant
  • Group Travel Specialist
  • Villa Reservation Agent

11. Virtual Assistant Jobs and Executive Assistant Jobs

Virtual administration professionals work remotely to support the functions of a business or to assist an executive or department. These professionals will often schedule appointments and maintain a calendar, field calls and document messages, support leaders with day-to-day functions, and assist with payroll tasks.

Example virtual administration job titles:
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Virtual Scheduler
  • Executive Assistant

(Read more on how to become a virtual assistant).

12. Writer Jobs

Writers are needed in nearly every industry. Writers can hold positions at newspapers, radio stations, advertising agencies, journals, magazines, and many other venues.

Example remote writing job titles:

Other popular categories of remote jobs including Nursing Jobs, Project Management Jobs, and more.

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