Guide to Information Technology (IT) Job Search

In this Job-Hunt Guide, we will explore the best tips and techniques to help IT professionals and leaders advance their careers and succeed in their job searches (including remote IT Jobs).

Perhaps more than any other function currently, IT is the backbone of most organizations, and the operation and effectiveness of the information technology group’s services has a direct impact on an organization’s health and prosperity.

Supporting everything from the efficiency of daily administrative tasks to identifying and securing customers, information technology is a strategic tool that advances an organization’s productivity, messaging and global reach.

General Categories of IT

There are many functions in the IT arena and they generally fall into 2 main categories: infrastructure and applications.

1.  Infrastructure IT

Infrastructure is the hardware and software that comprises the operating environment, providing secure, scalable connectivity and throughput for the flow of data.

2.  Applications IT

Applications encompass the purchased, customized, and developed software that automates and supports the key functional areas of a business.

IT Functions

There are a wide range of job functions in both general categories of IT, including such roles as Help Desk, Technical/Desktop Support, Network and Systems Administrator/Engineer, Computer Operator, Database Administrator, Programmer, Analysts, Developers, QA and Architects.

There are also those who lead cross-functional initiatives including Project Managers, Business Analysts, and a host of management titles leading to the CTO and CIO levels.

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