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Guide to Job Search with Chronic Illness

By Susan P. Joyce

A job search can be a very challenging life experience, and, if you also have a chronic illness, that challenging experience can become even more daunting - like climbing a mountain with a 150 pound pack on your back.

However, like most of life's challenges, people with the right tools, information, and motivation can succeed in spite of the difficulties they encounter.

In this section of Job-Hunt, we have two experts contributing their knowledge and advice:

  • Jason Reid, career coach, author, and speaker on the coping with chronic illness on the job as well as managing employees with chronic illness, based on his own experiences.
  • Rosalind Joffe, career coach and author on job search and work with chronic illness, offers her advice, based on her own experiences and those of her clients.

Find links to Rosalind's and Jason's articles plus other information and resources in this Guide in the "Guide to Job Search with Chronic Illness" box on the right.

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