Nan S. Russell ( left the east coast corporate world to pursue her dream to launch a second-act career working and writing from the Rocky Mountains, first from northwestern Montana, where she wrote four books including: Hitting Your Stride, Trust, Inc., and The Titleless Leader. Her fifth book, It’s Not About Time, was written while relocating to the Front Range region of Colorado to be closer to family.

Today, Nan is an award-winning author, workplace consultant, national speaker, Winning at Working columnist, and former host of Work Matters with Nan Russell, a nationally syndicated radio show.

Previously, Nan’s first-act career included more than 20 years in management where she held executive positions in human resources, communication, marketing, and line management. She was the architect and influence leader of a culture transformation for 10,000 employees. Nan has a B.A. from Stanford University in Psychology and a M.A. from the University of Michigan in Educational Psychology.

Nan learned early that even a Stanford education wouldn’t protect her from job loss. Fired from her first professional position, her career ultimately followed a winding path from minimum wage employee to Vice President of a multi-billion dollar company. In roles transforming a corporate culture to heading a new subsidiary, the launch of which was reported in both The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, Nan brings real-world perspectives with both a motivational and business context.

During the Great Recession, she wrote NEXT! Rebooting After Job Loss, which was used as foundational materials for “Rebooting After Job Loss,” a seminar she designed and taught during that time. As a result of the 2020 Pandemic and the associated job loss, Nan is currently working on, Moving Through Job Loss: 30 Days of Reflections and Tips for Tapping Your Resilience. That download will be available first to subscribers of her Winning at Working eNewletter; sign up on her website.

Currently, Nan is president of MountainWorks Communications LLC, a company she founded in 2006 to support her passion for helping organizations build winning work cultures, and helping people bring the best of who they are to the world, realize their dreams, and live their life’s potential. She is also working toward a next dream: a third-act career as a mystery writer.

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