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On this page: The holidays provide great opportunities to network your way to a new job while you party!

Party Your Way to a New Job: Holiday Networking

One of the most enjoyable parts of the holidays are attending holiday parties, catching up with people you know and meeting new people.

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Conveniently, catching up with people you know and meeting new people is a wonderful opportunity to network.

Coincidentally, networking is the number one way to find a new job.

How to "Party" Your Way to a New Job

If you "party" the right way, you will leverage the holidays for your job search while you are enjoying them.

Networking is a long-term activity where you help others as much as they help you, sharing information and leads, and the holidays provide a wonderful excuse and venue for expanding your network.

Since networking, like everything else, is very seldom a "quick fix" to anyone’s job search efforts, growing the size and strength of your network at holiday parties is a smart strategy.

Bottom Line

Any holiday gathering usually provides us with a wonderful opportunity to get back in touch with old friends, and to meet new friends. The opportunity to attend parties translates into an increase in networking opportunities which can provide you with some good job leads!

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