Judit Price CDFI, CCM, IJCTC, CPRW has an M.S. in Counseling and is a certified career guidance counselor in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. She counsels college students and adults regarding career and college options.

She focuses on career/employment and education counseling and provides services that help corporations, professionals, students and parents make more informed decisions regarding education, future career plans, job fit and organization effectiveness.

Judit is an employment and career transition consultant and coach in private practice with over 30 years experience. She is a Masters level certified career guidance professional, Career Development Facilitator Instructor, International Job and Career Coach, Certified Career Master, Certified Professional Resume Writer, and a Certified Personal Branding Specialist.

Judit counsels individuals in career direction and job search strategies from entry and mid level professionals to senior level management. She consults for various organizations in the greater Boston area, and leads workshops and training seminars for other trainers in employment, leadership, and world of work related topics.

Judit writes a biweekly career and employment related column for the Lowell Sun Newspaper. She also authored and published Your Career and Life Plan Portfolio, a workbook for adults and college students.
Articles by Judit Price
Job Search Basics for New Grads:

Preparing to Join the Job Market
As graduation approaches, grads are thinking about the future. I well understand the great challenges facing graduates. And, I also know that commitment and persistence pay off. "Thinking outside the box" is more than a cliché, it is - for many - an imperative.
Just Graduated - Now What?
Most college graduates move into some sort of employment when they graduate, but really begin their career after that first job.
Job Search Learning Experience
As college students enter their sophomore or junior year, they are faced with the first in a series of career altering decisions: which major to choose. While the choice is not critical, it is important.

The Job Internship Process:

Internships for New Grads
Despite the difficulties of today's job market the fact remains organizations are continuing to hire. So What Should a New Grad Do?
Factors in Choosing an Internship
Student internships allow students and new grads to "test the waters" with regard to career choices and get a good flavor for the business, government, or non-profit worlds-of-work. In fact, a plethora of resources help students find the internship that is right for the student, both online and offline.

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