Harry Urschel is an executive recruiter, job search coach, and writer in the Minneapolis area with over 25 years of career development experience.

Harry has been a Top 5 Recruiter and Leader, hiring, developing, and managing the highest performing teams in one of the largest international firms.

Along the way, Harry has seen first-hand what works in a job search including the importance of approaching a job hunt with the best mindset - attitude and approach - for success. He’s also seen how technology and market conditions have dramatically changed a career search today, and he helps job seekers successfully adapt to the new job search world.

Harry has worked with thousands of people, helping them change and maximize their careers.  Harry teaches job search courses, leads networking groups, and authors a website called "The Wise Job Search" whose articles are used by a number of publications, schools, and organizations.

He speaks regularly on job search and career related topics. He’s been interviewed as a career expert in pieces for CNN, ComputerWorld, JobTalkAmerica, multiple books, and other venues.

Learn more about Harry by visiting his LinkedIn Profile, or onnect with Harry on Twitter at @HarryUrschel.
Articles by Harry Urschel
Understanding How Employers View the Process:

What's Necessary to Land a New Job
Decide to do what's necessary to land a job! Most people are not professional job seekers, and that's a good thing! Because most people are working in jobs and not looking for a job.
Landing a Job Requires More than a Good Resume
When evaluating job candidates, employers care about more than the competence and skills described on the resume. They are looking for someone who will be both compentent and pleasant to work with - someone who will fit into the organization successfully and work with other employees to achieve the goals of the organization
When Submitting Your Resume Doesn't Work
Many job seekers measure their job search productivity by how many resumes they send out for potential jobs, believing that - if they only get their resume to enough potential employers - someone will surely hire them. In their quest for sending out their daily or weekly quota, however, the quality of the fit of the targeted positions becomes a secondary consideration for the job seekers.
Avoid Going too Far Trying to Attract Employer Attention
Getting employers' attention in today's job market is no easy task! When organizations get dozens, even hundreds, of applicants for each job opening, it's hard to get noticed even if you're a perfect fit.
Successfully Leverage LinkedIn Groups for Your Job Search
LinkedIn is an outstanding professional networking tool, and invaluable as a job search tool. It's the best place to find, and be found by, prospective employers. So, avoid the major mistake of treating LinkedIn Groups like Facebook.
How to Prepare for Job Interview Success
While most people know they ought to prepare before going to a job interview, very few do it well, or take the time to do it thoroughly. Why is it so important, and how can you prepare better? Here are some observations and some ideas...
How to Be Memorable (Positively) in Job Interviews
Have you ever thought about the interviewer as you meet them? What they have been doing before you came in? What they will be doing after you leave? Most job seekers don't think about the process from the employers perspective... understandably so.
Best Answer to "What Do You Want?"
Job seekers are often asked... "What do you want?" or "What are you looking for?" Those sound like legitimate questions ... and they are. However, the reality is that a potential employer isn't really all that concerned about what you want!
How to Avoid Common Mistakes in Following Up
Follow up, after an introduction call, after sending your resume, or after an interview can have a great impact on whether you are selected for the next steps in the hiring process, and in getting the job.
Interviews, But No Job Offers?
In a job market where virtually every opening receives dozens - or hundreds - of applicants, it can be difficult to be the ONE who makes it to the finish line and receives an offer. In fact, it can be very difficult to even be selected for an interview.
Holiday Networking Like a Pro
I received an email invitation recently from a business acquaintance for a professional networking opportunity. It was a great idea, and I appreciated his initiative. I also realized what great application there was to do something like this if you were in a job search!

What Employers Want:

Employers Want Culture Fit (and So Do YOU!)
As the Job seeker, you usually get encouraged when you see a position posted online, or hear of an opportunity that fits your experience and skills very closely. You believe you may have found a viable role to land into. And you are right… it MAY be the right one. However, what you often miss at that stage is the following -
Employers Want Emotional Intelligence
"Emotional Intelligence" is a term heard often these days. Books on leadership discuss it, personality assessments address it, and occasionally employers will mention it when they are evaluating potential new hires or promotions. What is "Emotional Intelligence," and how do you get it and demonstrate that you have it? Good question…
Employers Want Honesty in Interviews
A great deal of job search advice available online, in books, and from coaches involves how to best answer various questions that come up in interviews. Job seekers look for the best canned answers to help them ensure a positive outcome. They want to know the best spin or the "correct" response to get to the next stage of the hiring process or an offer.

What Employers Are Thinking:

How Employers Judge Attitude
Job seekers often hear how important a positive attitude is for a successful job search. However, they often don't grasp how their attitude is perceived by employers. Simply acting "cheerful" is not enough.
How Employers Judge Professionalism
Conventional wisdom says that job seekers ought to present a professional image to potential employers. While a majority of people agree that's the case, there are a variety of opinions about what a professional image is.
How Employers View You Being Fired
So... you were fired from your last job. Terminated for cause. Maybe it was your first time, or maybe not. It doesn't need to be a "terminal" situation that will prevent you from ever getting another job?
How Employers View Your Online Presence
It's common to hear, these days, about how important a strong online presence can be in a job search... and it is! It's highly likely, in today's job market, that at some point in the hiring process, a potential employer will look you up on LinkedIn and "Google" your name to see what they find.
How Employers Hear Your Stories
Most people have some point in their career where they have legitimate grievances about a previous company, boss, co-worker, or corporate culture. If you aren't very careful, those legitimate grievances - carelessly expressed - can sabotage your job search in an interview or a conversation.
How Employers Review Resumes: Secrets for Standing Out
The hope: Every job seeker would like to believe that when they send a resume to an employer, someone on the receiving end reads the entire document word for word, thinking... The reality ...
How Employers View Your Questions About Benefits
When interviewing for a new job, it's natural to want to know about employee benefits, perks, additional opportunities for bonuses or raises, and other information that help you decide whether a company is right for you or not. When and how you ask those questions, however, can have a huge impact on their interest in you as a candidate!
Why It Is Easier to Get a Job When You Are Employed
There's old conventional wisdom that says it's easier to get a new job while you're in a job, rather than when you're unemployed. Why is that? Simply because employers are biased against the unemployed? Or is there something else going on?
New Grads: It's NOT About You
Many new grads pursue a job with a focus on finding a company that will … "Appreciate me for who I am." "Help me develop to my maximum potential." While it's natural to want all these things, and more… frankly, for the most part, the company doesn't really care!

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About the author...

Harry Urschel has over 25 years experience as an independent recruiter in Minnesota. He currently operates as e-Executives, writes a blog for Job Seekers called The Wise Job Search, and can be found on Twitter as @HarryUrschel and on LinkedIn.