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Military Alumni Groups

By Susan P. Joyce

Groups and fraternal organizations have connected veterans (military "alumni") since the Revolution.

These groups are great networking - for the transition to civilian employment and for succeeding in the civilian career that follows.  It's good to connect with people who have similar experiences and similar training.  It's also very good to share experiences, learning and helping each other succeed.

The groups listed below cover a single Service or a unit in one of the Services, like a ship or a division.

They are organized by Service.


The contact information provided is a link to a website or a Yahoo! Group, currently, but you may also find military alumni groups on social networks like LinkedIn, Google Groups, and even meetings.

Several major national groups cover all of the Services (link at bottom of the chart), and some cover a few of the Services.

Choose the the group description that interests you to see the groups we've found for that group or Service.

If you know of an active group that is not included in the links below, please let us know by sending the URL to feedback at so we can share it with others.

- Army - - Air Force - - Marine Corps - - Navy - - Coast Guard -

Service Group Contact
U.S. Army    
  Army Career and Alumni Program Website
  Association of the United States Army Website
  National Infantry Association Website
  Special Forces Association Website
  U.S. Army Brotherhood of Tankers (USABOT) Website
  U.S. Cavalry and Armor Association Website
  West Point Association of Graduates Website
Specific Unit:   B-2/501st Infantry (101st ABN Div) RVN 67-72 Alumni Website
U.S. Air Force    
  Air Force Association Website
  Air Force Public Affairs Alumni Association Website
  Air Force Recruiting Alumni Association Website
  USAF Academy Association of Graduates Website
Specific Units:   6th Weather Squadron (Mobile) Alumni Association Website
  193rd Special Operations Wing Alumni Association Website
  Thunderbird Alumni (officer & enlisted) Website
U.S. Marine Corps    
  Marine Corps Association Website
  Marine Corps League Website
  LINK-USMC Yahoo Group
  USMC Combat Helicopter Association Website
  US Marine Corps Tankers Website
  Women Marines Association Website
U.S. Navy    
  American Society of Naval Engineers (active former, & retired) Website (connect with former shipmates by hull number) Website
  Tin Can Sailors (National Association of Destroyer Veterans) Website
  Navy Nuclear Weapons Association (military & civilian) Website
  Navy Nurse Corps Association Website
  Surface Navy Association Website
  Swift Boat Sailors Association Website
  Tailhook Website
  United States L.S.T. Association Website
  U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Website
  U.S. Navy Cruiser Sailors Association Website
  U.S. Submarine Veterans Website
  WAVES National Website
Specific Ships:   USS Enterprise (CVAN/CVN -65) Website
  USS Nimitz (CVN-68) Website
  USS Sunfish (SSN-649) Website
  USS Telfair (APA-210) Website
  USS Waldron (DD-699) Website
U.S. Coast Guard    
  Chief Warrant and Warrant Officers Association Website

USCG Academy Alumni Association


Many large, national organizations cover more than one Service. Check the Multiple Services page for those groups.

Find more alumni groups, for the corporate and government sectors, on the Corporate Alumni Group Networking home page.

Also see Veterans' Job Search for articles and resources about veterans' job search and civilian careers.


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