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Cathy A. Reilly, Expert on Temporary Employment

Cathy A. Reilly

Cathy Reilly holds a BS in Business Administration and has worked for over twenty years in Human Resources and management, with extensive experience hiring and training permanent and temporary employees.

Her career started in the U.S. Navy and has taken her to positions coast to coast in the legal, hospitality, entertainment, and financial services sectors.

She is the published author of two books:

  • The Temp Factor: A Complete Guide to Temporary Employment for Staffing Services, Clients, and Temps
  • The Temp Factor: The Job Seeker’s Guide to Temporary Employment (Universal Publishers, July 2012).

In 2013, Cathy founded Onboardia, Inc., an online training platform for temporary employees and works as an HR Training Consultant.

For more information about temporary employment, read Cathy’s books, follow Cathy on Twitter @cathyareilly, and connect with her on LinkedIn.

Contact: email or call 516-512-1064.

Articles by Cathy A. Reilly

Temporary Work:

  • Temporary Work Can Be an Audition
    Most job seekers are focused on obtaining full-time work and full-time work only. In many cases, job seekers don't consider temporary employment as a job search option because they either don't know about it or don't understand how it works.
  • 3 Insider Tips for Getting More Temporary Work
    The cold reality of working as a temp is that you are usually dependent upon your staffing service to get you work. Staffing services are often the way to get back to work faster than waiting for a full-time job offer to surface.
  • Turn Temporary Work Challenges into Opportunities
    It's a new year and a time when we seem to naturally develop a new attitude as we change our calendars. With the right information and attitude, there are ways to turn these around instead of being intimidated by them. Here's the top five challenges that temps face, as I see them.
  • How to Be the Temp Everyone Wants to Work With
    Temporary employment is a three-sided work relationship among the client company where temps are placed, the staffing service, and the temporary employee. As a temp, you are always going to be linked to your staffing service and to the potential client companies where you perform your work assignments.

Seasonal Jobs:

  • How to Find Seasonal Work (and Success!) Through a Staffing Service
    Seasonal jobs are increasing in popularity year after year and so is the competition for these jobs. Workers in industries such as retail (clothing, appliance and computers), hospitality (hotels, restaurants), and event planning (host services, catering, entertainment) to name a few, are needed.

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