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Resume Sample : Education Highlighted in a Resume

By Erin Kennedy

Sample Resume: Education Highlighted in a ResumeBecause his education is an important aspect of his appeal as a consultant, this sample resume for Frank Ford (not his real name) highlights a strong employment history as a Senior Management Consultant.

The Details About This Resume Sample

In this one-page resume, Frank pulls out all the stops.

Instead of writing a lengthy job objective statement, Frank simply used his professional title as an introduction just below his resume heading.

This confident approach earns an employer's respect from the get-go.

By placing his Education section right at the top, and including his highest credential after his name in his contact information, Frank makes it impossible for an employer to miss his MBA degree -- a key qualifier for his career objective.

The bullet statements in the Employment History section are powerful, relevant, and concise, making it easy to grasp the benefits Frank offers his next employer.

Frank's "Core Competencies" are just the tip of the iceberg -- there's more to be discussed in an interview.

All statements under each job title are about achievements -- not one boring job description!

  The Resume Samples for Frank:  

The Bottom Line

This resume could have run on for two or three pages, but Frank wisely kept it lean and mean. His resume presentation gives the sense that on the job his professional style is direct and effective.

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Erin Kennedy About the author...

Erin Kennedy is a Master Career Director (MCD), Certified Master Resume Writer (MCRW), Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), and Certified Empowerment & Motivational Coach (CEMC). She has been helping clients since 1999. Erin is also the President of Professional Resume Services, Inc.. Visit her website and connect with Erin on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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