Successful Rejection Follow-Up Example

Here’s a recent success story from one of our clients that should motivate you to follow up after each and every rejection you get from employers.

“No” Doesn’t Mean “Never!”

Because, as we preach continually, when an employer says “No” it doesn’t mean “Never.”

The rejection only means “Not today.” Not this job. Not now.

You can do exactly what our client Barry did below, every time you are “rejected” for a position.

Simply write or call the employer and ask, in effect, “Could you please provide feedback about why I was not considered for this job?”

Doing this gives you two important advantages in your Guerrilla Job Search:

  1. It will usually provide input from employers as to why you did not make the final cut.

    Use this! Fine-tune what jobs you’re applying for, what you’re saying on the phone, what you’re writing, how you’re interviewing, etc.

    This information is priceless and you can use it to continuously improve, which will reduce the time you spend looking for work.
  2. You may prod employers to reconsider your candidacy, simply by asking them to explain why they turned you down.

    This is what happened to our client, Barry. As you can see from his emails below, the persistence he demonstrated by following up and asking “Why?” got his name back into contention for the position. Shazam!

The three emails below are in the order we received them from Barry.

The email you should pay the most attention to and learn from is the one dated: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 4:52 PM