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Articles and Books by Susan P. Joyce

By Susan P. Joyce

Tapping the Hidden Job Market (PULL) Owner, publisher, and editor of since 1998, Online job search expert Susan P. Joyce, Job-Hunt's Editor and Job Search Technology Expert, has written many articles and ebooks including those listed on this page.

Susan's background is dominated by technology and human resources experience, with a 3 year stint assisting in a research project (focused on understanding long-term unemployment) at MIT's Sloan School of Management as a Visting Scholar.

A former United States Marine Corps intelligence officer, Susan has also worked in HR at Harvard University and in a Boston compensation consulting firm.

In addition, Susan also experienced being part of a massive corporate layoff in 1994 when her employer, information technology powerhouse Digital Equipment Corporation (# 28 on the Fortune 500 in 1994), began its decline into oblivion, cutting loose over 80,000 employees.


Susan wrote these Job-Hunt Guides (PDF ebooks) and edited all of the other Job-Hunt Job Search Guides:



Job Search Technology articles:

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  ⏩  Using Google:

  ⏩  Personal Online Reputation Management:

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Additional Job Search Articles:

Susan authored most or all of the articles in these Job-Hunt Guides:

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