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Career Popularity in the U.S. by City within State

Careers and job opportunities vary greatly by location, even within the same state. This analysis offers you the ability to compare the cities in one state with each other and also with cities in other states. Whether choosing a career path or seeking a new job, it pays to consider which careers are plentiful in your current location or where you may move.

In this analysis, "popularity" is determined by comparing the number of jobs of a specific type in a city with national average number for that type of job. Very interesting information!

Select the state from the listing below to go to the page that lists the most "popular" jobs in the largest cities in that state.

Caution: Since this data reflects the marketplace as of 2006, be aware that conditions may have changed or be trending down. So, don't use this information as the only reason to move or change careers.

Analysis (above) provided by, based on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the US Census.