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Chandlee Bryan: Job Search for New College Graduates Expert

Chandlee Bryan

E. Chandlee Bryan, M.Ed.(@chandlee and LinkedIn) is a career advisor at Dartmouth College. A certified resume writer and career management coach, she also assists a limited number of private clients.

Chandlee has over 15 years of experience working with college and graduate students. In addition to Dartmouth, she has worked at the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University and Colby-Sawyer College. She has also worked as a recruiter, as the "Resume Specialist" for a national Microsoft Campaign, and as the facilitator of the New York Job Seeker's MeetUp (the largest grassroots job search MeetUp in the U.S. following the 2008 recession).

She is a co-author of The Twitter Job Search Guide (JIST 2010) has contributed to additional books on cover letters, resume writing, and personal branding.

Outside of her work helping others find meaningful employment, Chandlee is a writer of narrative non-fiction. She is also an avid knitter and studies storytelling.

Articles by Chandlee Bryan

New Articles

  • 3 Strategies to Improve Your GPA (Even After Graduation)
    If you are a student or new graduate just starting out, employers may look at one variable that can override any work experience you have – your grade point average (GPA). As a career advisor working with students seeking internships and their first jobs out of college, I help people navigate the GPA issue a lot. I have done this for over 15 years.
  • 7 Deadly Resume Mistakes for New Grads to Avoid
    Searching for work after college can be challenging, particularly as many organizations don't share what they look for in resumes. Here are seven common mistakes that people make on a resume that can leave employers with the wrong impression – and simple solutions you can implement to keep your resume in the clear.

Handling Special Situations:

  • How to Land a Job when Your Major Has High Unemployment
    According to a research study from Georgetown University's Center for Education and the Workforce, unemployment rates for recent college graduates between the ages of 22 and 26 vary widely by major.
  • Competing with Older Candidates
    A year ago, I was invited to do a live interview with CBS Radio on the job search outlook for college graduates. At the appointed time, my phone rang, and, within 15 seconds, I was live on the air.
  • Improving Your GPA After Graduation
    Each year, no matter what the economy is or where you went to school or what the job market looks like in your field—there's a debate that stands the test of time.

Networking for Your Job Search:

  • Why New Grads Must Join LinkedIn
    In the 90s, the Washington Post ran an ad campaign targeting non-readers, "If you don't get it [the paper], you don't get it." Today, the same phrase could be said of people who don't want to use LinkedIn.

Navigating Job Interviews Successfully:

  • 3 Tactics to Land Interviews
    "I know I could get this job if I could only get an interview." Have you ever found yourself feeling this way? It's a common challenge, especially in the entry-level job search since some companies still filter candidates through unadvertised criteria—such as undergrad GPA.
  • Listening as the Key to Your Next Job Offer
    Reports from the National Association of Colleges and Employers paint a grim entry-level job market: Only a quarter of new grads reported leaving college with a full-time job in hand.

Succeeding with that Frist Real Job:

  • First Jobs & Lessons Learned
    Where you go to school will never get you a job; what you choose to do with your education will. I'm excited to share with you the trends that intrigue me as well as best practices and job search strategies.

Job Search Basics for New Grads:

  • 3 Steps to Job Search Success for New Grads
    To land a job, focus on what you want, and what you already have. If you've just graduated or are seeking your first entry-level job, the job search can feel overwhelming - especially since most employers don't advertise dates for job openings, interviews and timelines for the decision making process.
  • 5-Step Job Search Jump Start
    Planning to look for a new job in 2015? If yes, here are five ways to get started:
  • 3 Common Job Search Mistakes to Avoid
    You may enjoy laughing at sit-coms and movies that feature workplaces with awkward situations, but it's rarely fun to be the protagonist at the center of the controversy. And, it certainly won't help you to succeed in your job search.
  • Making Career Choices - After Plan A ck in 2002, This American Life host Ira Glass conducted an informal survey of about 100 audience members, "How many of you," he asked, "are still on Plan A for your life?" One person, a 20-something, said yes. Everyone else in the audience had moved on to Plan B, F, or Z.
  • The Secret to Applying for Jobs After College
    There's one thing no one tells you about applying for jobs after college - that's the secret I'm going to share. Some of my friends call me a perpetual student: After grad school, I worked in colleges for the better part of ten years. I read and follow college commencement speeches like some people read Harry Potter.
  • 3 Keys to Success No One Tells You
    If you're reading this – and just graduating from college or only a few years out – here's my reverse bucket-list for success. It's a short list of items that you may miss unless someone takes the time to explain it to you – or life experience gives you a short course.

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