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Recharge Your Week for Your Recovery from Job Loss

By Nan S. Russell

Sometimes it’s a struggle to stop the worrying about bills, obligations, and what the future may hold. Sometimes the emotional despair of job loss can cause us to withdraw, reduce our efforts, or keep us stuck. And sometimes, the efforts we’ve been applying aren’t bringing the results we seek, and we’re tempted to give up.

When that happens, it’s time to recharge your emotional energy with positive action. Like jumper cables required for recharging a drained car battery, successful job hunting requires positive energy sources, too. Use these daily tips to activate yours.

A Week of Daily Tips

Monday: Not motivated to market yourself today?

There were times you didn’t want to go to work when you had a job, but you still did. Now you’re working for yourself, so do something. Anything. Find something on your to-do list that you can accomplish quickly. Keep going. You’ll be glad you did.

Tuesday: Habits are habit-forming. Notice your daily habits.

What time do you get up? Did you shower today? Are you still in your pj’s? Do you know all the afternoon talk shows or spend the day sending YouTube videos to friends? Are you drinking or eating too much? Take stock. Kick out those bad habits before they settle-in.

Wednesday: Be a bee. Bad news travels fast; good news hides.

Your friends, Internet bloggers, or the local papers are only too happy to share the story about the latest foreclosure or failed job search. Where’s the story about that great offer, terrific networking success, or retooled skills that landed a fabulous job? Be a bee, and help pollinate good news – those hopeful, inspiring stories about people finding great jobs, building new companies, or successfully following their dreams.

Thursday: Creatively refocus.

Where else might your skills be applicable? How can you apply them or reapply them outside of the current model? Where is there a new-niche or unfilled need? A friend’s hairstylist saw her bookings drop as the economy fell, ultimately losing her job. But when my friend asked her if she’d be willing to make a house-call to style her ailing mother’s hair, the stylist saw an opportunity. She launched a specialized home-based business and now makes more money than before.

Friday: Monitor your whine-factor.

Yes, there’s plenty to whine about, but it’s not going to help you get through this job reboot. Listen for your whines. Step outside yourself and “hear” what you’re saying. It’s time to change your message.

Saturday: Make progress, any progress.

Pick something this week that’s been on your to-do list that has nothing to do with job hunting. Maybe it’s cleaning the garage or the pantry. Whatever it is, start today by devoting two hours a week to doing it until you have it completed. Then cross it off your list and move to the next item. Completing tasks will provide ongoing accomplishment and fuel determination.

Sunday: Measure your progress this week (and every week).

Job-hunting can feel like a black hole. All those efforts, no prize yet. But you’re making progress. You know more this week than last and success is often cumulative. List everything you’ve done this week to move your search along: e.g. read job search book, attended networking event, took online training class, developed marketing-oriented cover letter, etc. Add to this list every week.

Action Creates Energy

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "Energy and persistence conquer all things." That’s particularly true for reigniting your career prosperity. By keeping your energy high through daily positive actions, you’ll find the future you seek.

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Nan Russell

Job Loss Recovery Expert Nan S. Russell discovered a Stanford degree didn’t protect her from being fired from her first professional job. From minimum wage to Vice President of a multi-billion dollar company, she learned the hard way. Now she helps others with what does and doesn’t work at work. The author of three career books including, The Titleless Leader, Hitting Your Stride, and Nibble Your Way to Success, Nan is a national speaker and work issues consultant. More at; and her job loss seminar: Rebooting After Job Loss.