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Leverage Your Facebook Connections for Your Job Search Using These 3 Sites

By Chris Russell

Driven by the younger generation and the ubiquity of Facebook, some job sites are now letting candidates use their Facebook account to do a variety of things in the recruitment process.

Though some still scoff at the idea of using Facebook in anyway related to job search, these companies are making it more realistic, useful, and possible.

Here's a look at 3 of those sites, and how they leverage Facebook to help you find work.

1. Glassdoor & Facebook

Glassdoor is a site which offers "inside information" about different employers. The information is reported by current and former employees and includes reviews about the work environment, the salaries paid, and the interview questions typically asked.

When you are searching the reviews on Glassdoor, you can see who you are connected to at that company. It's called "Inside Connections," and, when you use it, Glassdoor will receive the following info:

  • Your public profile
  • Your friend list
  • Your email address
  • Your birthday
  • Your work history
  • Your education history
  • Your current city
  • Your friends' birthdays, work histories, education histories, and current cities

Its not clearly labeled, but look for the "Connections" link on a company review page, usually beside a small Facebook logo.

2. SmartRecruiters and Facebook

SmartRecruiters is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that helps their client employers post jobs on the employers' Facebook pages. It also actually lets you apply for those jobs using your Facebook profile. I can only recommend using your Facebook profile for your application if you have fully-completed the About section of your profile. If you have the About section filled out properly, it's almost as good as a regular resume.

3. Jobs With Friends & Facebook

On this site (full disclosure this is my company), you can combine your Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections into a single database so you can see where all your connections work and view available jobs (via It captures only your friend's names and current employers.

Facebook in the Future

As the Facebook platform matures, I believe you will start to see many other job sites integrate Facebook into their sites with login and friends data. It just makes sense to leverage this data from a candidate standpoint. It allows you to leverage your personal network and About section to get hired faster.

Surprisingly, I looked on, the largest sources of job postings in the world, but apparently they don't have any kind of Facebook option. Perhaps that's because Indeed has its own resume database now.

Note: To my knowledge, all the integrations above are private and do not share your private Facebook posts or content, but it's always wise to pay attention to your Facebook privacy settings.

Happy hunting!

About the author...

Chris Russell is the CEO & Founder of An advocate for job seekers everywhere, he is widely considered to be the "mad scientist of online recruiting," a badge he wears with pride. His long running podcast, CareerCloud Radio has been around since 2007 and is consistently a top 25 show in the iTunes - Career category. Follow Chris online via twitter @chrisrussell, and circling him on Google+.